Map Folio: Spring Limited Run (Ends 3/14/23)

Mar 8, 2023by Jason F
Map Folios - Spring limited run!


In a world of digital mapping and GPS devices you would think that physical maps should only exist in antique stores. But real maps are still widely used by overlanders and adventure seekers - it's the "revenge of the analog"! And if you are not a fan of physical maps, maybe you need to rethink your blind dependence on GPS navigation. In some scenarios, only depending on a digital device for navigation would make you instantly lost: whether thievery, malfunction, solar flares, or spy balloons! We're not advocating fear, but we are saying: physical maps should be a part of your off-road (and on-road) navigation and trip planning.

All that being said, you'll need to keep all your physical maps in order, accessible, and protected. That's why we created the Map Folio! This compact, rugged map storage pouch is made of 500D Cordura and holds 8 to 12 maps. This keeps your maps safe from rips, spills, and unnecessary wear when not in use. As always, it is American made right here in our shop by the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia.

Now, you may wonder why we don't keep the Map Folio in regular production like other products. The reality is, we are a small batch manufacturer and don't have infinite production capacity, so we have to decide what stays in regular rotation in the shop and what doesn't. Map Folios happen to be one of those products that we only crank out twice a year or so.

We are currently taking pre-orders for our Spring limited run of Map Folios. This pre-order ends 3/14/23 and all orders with a Map Folio will go out two weeks after that date. Don't miss your chance to get in on this limited run!