Gadget Bag As DIY Camp Cooking Kit

Mar 2, 2023by Jason F

One of the great things about our bags and pouches is that they are made to work in a modular system (via MOLLE and Velcro hook and loop) that can be customized your way. Not only can they be mixed and matched according to your gear storage needs but over time your kits can evolve with your overlanding and camping gear.

As an example, check out our friend Rodney of Overland Medic who decided to turn our Gadget Bag into his own unique Camp Cooking Kit for his family of four.

In this video Rodney talks about everything he keeps in his Camp Cooking Kit - all starting with our Gadget Bag - which now comes available as a kit-your-own modular setup which allows you to customize the pouches it comes with. If you are inspired by Rodney's setup it is now easier than ever to also build your own.

Kit-Your-Own Gadget Bag