Beginner's Guide To Overlanding, with blue Tacoma parked in green field

Beginner's Guide To Overlanding

Welcome to the Beginner's Guide To Overlanding. We hope this compilation of important information will help you begin your journey into frequent overland travel. These introductory lessons and recommendations will give you a basic overview of essential concepts you'll need to grasp for successful off-road adventure travel. Some things to note:

  • This guide is not vehicle specific. If your vehicle is off-road capable these videos and recommendations will apply to you.
  • Your overlanding vehicle and it's setup can be as simple or complicated as you want. Your setup will change and grow over time as your needs shift. Set a budget and make a plan for acquiring your gear over time.
  • This information is meant to be foundational - but not necessarily comprehensive. Once you go through this series you will have a basic grasp of core overlanding concepts, essential gear needed, and how to start on some simple off-road trips. As you get more serious about overland travel we recommend you participate in workshops and get more in-depth training from professional trainers such as: 7P Overland, Overland Experts, or other similar services.

What Is Overlanding?

Overlanding is vehicle-based adventure travel (off-road and on road) with a focus on self-reliance, resilience, and enjoyment of the journey. It's not so much about where you are going - it's about how you get there. It sounds cliche' but it's true: the journey is the destination. While the basic practice of overlanding is fairly agreed upon, a more nuanced understanding is up for debate. Check out this interview featuring five different perspectives on the question "What does overlanding mean to you?

TRip planning

Our Overland Trip Planning video series will help you better plan and prepare for your next adventure. These conversations will encourage you take on your next overland trip with maximum readiness and organization. In this video series, we’ll help you identify what type of trip you are taking and how best to prepare for it.

More coming soon!