Our Vision and Mission

Since 2012 Blue Ridge Overland Gear has been crafting modular vehicle organizers and rugged gear storage to help you maximize your outdoor and overland adventures. Our mission is to help you order your chaos so you can have greater confidence to explore the unknown and enjoy your journey.

Like you, we are passionate about exploring new horizons and getting outdoors as a way of life. Whether you are preparing for a weekend of camping, a family road trip, or an expedition across the continent, we're here to help you get equipped and organized.

For the Love
of Adventure

We believe in the call of the wild.

Our Philosophy

Get equipped and organized. Go off-road and leave civilization behind. Travel farther and experience life to it's fullest.

Equip + Organize

Great planning and efficient packing is essential for any successful trip. Whether it is for the weekend or for months at a time - keeping your gear organized and at hand can make your journey easier than it's ever been. Go further knowing you have everything you need to be confident in the unknown.

Go Wild

Civilization is overrated. We spend too much time indoors and behind computer screens. The remedy is four wheels and a tent and a plan to get lost (and found) in the wilderness. Reboot. Recharge. Get outdoors alone or with friends and family. It could change your perspective on everything.

Reclaim Your Journey

It's all about new experiences, new views, and new ways to see the world. But don't just buy a ticket and rush to get where you are going. The most fun is in the journey itself. Take your time and soak it in. The fullness of the journey is in experiencing the challenges and rewards on your own terms.

For the Love
of Craft.

Rugged. American. Guaranteed.
Small Beginnings
The 'Thread Shed' to today

It sounds cliche, but Blue Ridge Overland Gear was literally born in a shed. We call it the "thread shed." Armed with nothing but some material, a sewing machine, and a love for adventure - BROG was born; dedicated to equipping lovers of mountain views, muddy trails, and deep woods.

We're a small but dedicated team near the Blue Ridge mountains of Virginia; designing, and handcrafting rugged soft storage and modular gear organizers for overlanders and outdoor lovers. We want to help you find a place for everything, and to keep everything in it's place. Why? So that you can get out there and enjoy the journey.

For the Love
Of Country

Small Batch Manufacturing. Small Town America.
American Made
Blue Ridge Built

Located near historic centertown Bedford, Virginia, USA, we are a small but dedicated team who are committed to the tradition of American ingenuity and rugged quality.

Come visit our production shop and offices to see where we design and manufacture all the BROG brand products you see here on our website. And while you're here, enjoy the beauty of the Blue Ridge Mountains and the scenic Blue Ridge Parkway.