Our story


It sounds cliche, but in 2012 Blue Ridge Overland Gear was literally born in a backyard shed in rural Bedford, Virginia, USA. Our founder, Matt Akenhead, called it the "Thread Shed." Armed with nothing but some material, a sewing machine, and a passion for adventure - a small business was born; dedicated to equipping outdoor and offroad enthusiasts with the highest quality bags, pouches, and gear organizers available.

Today we are no longer crammed in a small shed and our team has grown since the early days - but we are still a small batch manufacturer designing and building in the backwoods. We continue our passion for crafting rugged, American Made products that will last a lifetime.


We make and sell tactical grade bags, pouches, and vehicle organizers that will improve your overland travels. We focus on offering superior quality equipment that will give decades of service, help you stay organized, and evolve over time with your needs. What are you waiting for? Get out there and enjoy the journey!

Superior quality

We are passionate about keeping the American legacy of quality manufacturing alive and well. We design our products in-house, and build in-house with tactical grade materials using small batch processes.

Guaranteed For A Lifetime

We design and make our products to far exceed the typical lifecycle of our offshore competitors. We use premium materials and 'build' our products to endure. Everything we make comes with our 'Blue Ridge Built' guarantee - for life.

Built For Adventure

Travel the globe, or just hit the trails for a weekend. No matter how you use our gear, we have built it to make your adventures easier and more organized. Our goal is to help you enjoy the journey.

Blue Ridge Overland Gear: Premium overlanding gear and rugged storage solutions for your off-road vehicle and outdoor adventures.