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Product archive

We are a small batch manufacturer keeping quality American craftsmanship alive and well by the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. This page features information about old versions of products, and retired products that we use to make but are now no longer in production. Also included here are old limited runs which were products we made for a very short run, or merch we did not make, but designed in-house, such as t-shirts or morale patches.

Tool Bag (Classic)

Our Tool Bag has, by far, been our most popular product over the years. This bag swallows more tools than you'd think is possible. It also eliminates the need for clanky tool boxes. Featuring removal pouches, this is the perfect tool bag for overlanders who need to keep their tools compact and ready for quick repairs on the trail. This product has also been produced as a Limited Run in Grey. This product has been updated and redesigned.


MOLLE Seat Back Panel |14 x 20 (Classic)

Featuring a universal fit for almost any vehicle, these Seat Back Panels take your wasted space and put your gear in order, and within reach. If you are looking for the best place to start organizing your vehicle this is where to start. This product has been updated and redesigned.


MOLLE Water Bottle Pouch (CLASSIC)

Our water bottle pouch is PALS/MOLLE compatible. Hook it to a backpack or seat back panel, or even your belt. The pouch features a large Velcro platform so you can add ID panels or vanity patches to dress it up. Each pouch secures closed with a paracord drawstring and ITW barrel lock. This product has been updated and redesigned.


Off-Road Air Tools Bag (CLASSIC)

We know that airing down is a pain in the butt. We built a kit bag to put everything you need in one spot. The highlight of this bag is that it's made to house and partner with the ARB Speedy Seal Tire Repair Kit (sold separately). The outer harness will fit around and secure the repair kit or adjust to any kit box that is around 14 x 7". This product has been updated and redesigned.


MOLLE Seat Back Panel (18 x 20)

Our MOLLE Seat Back Panels are perfect way to organize your overlanding and off-road gear in your vehilce or use it in your daily driver for all the essentials. Hang this bad boy on the back of your seat and it serves as a sturdy anchor (and seat protector) for small, medium, and large MOLLE compatible bags. Now you can be prepared AND organized! This size has been retired.


Velcro Flat Pouch (12 x 5)

Our Velcro Flat Pouch was a low profile accessory pouch that could be attached to any larger Velcro surface. This handy pouch was compatible with many of our bags and was great for smaller items. Featuring a string-reinforced clear vinyl front, this pouch was both durable and compact. We have other pouches that share a similar function and so this product was retired.


Camp Chef: Everest Stove Bag

This bag was designed to protect Camp Chef Everest Stoves as well as provide an easy solution to store and transport it when not in use. Featuring internal padding, and a three sided zip design, this bag also included integrated mil-spec webbing for handles. This product is no longer in production and has been retired.


Tactical Beard Tamer (Toiletry Bag)

Our Tactical Beard Tamer Bag was the manliest toiletry bag you could ever come across. Perfect for housing all your shaving, tooth-brushing, and general cleanliness needs when taking trips off-road or on-road. Replaced by it's larger cousin, the Blue Ridge Overland Gear Shower Bag, this product has now been retired and is no longer in production.


MAXTRAX Transport Bag

Maxtrax traction boards are an important recovery tool for extracting yourself from mushy peril off-road. Whether you're stuck in snow, sand, or mud, you can get unstuck in no time with Maxtrax. This transport bag was designed to protect and store Maxtrax traction boards when not in use, on the outside of your vehicle. This product has been retired and is no longer in production.


Taco Tray / Tacoma Console Organizer Kit

The Taco Tray and Console Organizer Kit was designed to make the Toyota Tacoma's center console a more efficient space for storing and organizing small items. This product has been retired and is no longer in production. We provide other similar pouches and organizing options like our Seat Back Panels, and more.


Tacoma Door Pouch Kit

We designed the Tacoma Door Pouch Kit as another way to get your Tacoma truck in order. Designed to fit in your internal door space, the long and short pouch kit allowed you to organize all four doors and utilize often wasted or cluttered space. We now have similar pouches and gear organizing solutions that we recommend instead. This kit has been retired and is no longer in production.


Snatch Strap Recovery Kit

Our Snatch Strap Recovery Kit featured the Recovery Tow Strap Bag, the ARB Snatch Strap 17,500 lbs., and two 3/8" Amsteel Blue 20" soft shackles. This kit attached to a bull bar or roll cage on your rig. That way, your straps are already on the front of your vehicle, ready to go. No more fumbling around through piles of access gear for the one thing that will get you going again.


Console / Door Pocket Pouch

Our Console Pouch fit the cargo spaces on your front and back doors or seat back. Measuring at 6.5 x 5 x 2", these pouches could also fit vertically in your glove box. They could also be used to stack them in your center console and reach your maximum organization potential. We have similar pouches that are great for organizing your gear in your vehicle. This product is no longer in production and has been retired.


Flatpacker Portable Firepit w/ Bag

The Flatpacker Portable Firepit was designed to go where you go. It was compact and easy to store or transport with the rugged BROG transport bag. The pit collapsed into five, easy-to-dismantle pieces. The metal fabrication was not produced in-house but was manufactured within the USA. The bag was sturdy and built in-house to carry all Flatpacker pieces. The firepit and bag have been retired and are no longer in production.


Kid's Adventure Pack

Our Kid's Adventure Pack was a sneaky, convenient way to get your kids to carry their own stuff! The waist belt was a small, lightweight pouch that was easy for your little people to carry. It was made of kid-proof, 500D nylon cordura and featured a generous Velcro field for morale patches. This pack has been retired from production but we highly recommend our new Bum Bag as an alternative.


Off-Road Recovery BackPack

The 7P Vehicle Recovery Gear Backpack was designed for a collaboration with 7P Overland to store a full set of recovery gear: like gloves, splicing kits, pulleys and snatch blocks, bow shackles, soft shackles, winch extension ropes, and non-kinetic recovery straps. This backpack and recovery gear are no longer available but we do offer other recovery gear and storage options.


SIngle Burner Partner Steel Stove Bag

We've made a variety of stove bags over the years. These bags are designed to protect and keep your camp stove easily accessible and protected for transport or storage. This limited run small stove bag was designed for the single burner Partner Steel stove. This product has been retired.


BROG Heavyweight Hoodie (2021)

This was the thickest hoodie we have ever sold - and possibly the thickest hoodie we've ever worn! Designed in-house and screen-printed in the USA by our friends at Cotton Connection in downtown Lynchburg, VA, this vintage logo design harkens back to machine labels and turn-of-the-century aesthetics. This was a limited run and is no longer available.


First Aid IFAK Velcro Pouch - Small (Classic)

Our family of 'fill-it-yourself' first aid bags come in small, medium, and large. The small IFAK (aka: individual first aid kit) is designed to be mounted via Velcro on any vehicle headrest with our Headrest Velcro Panel for quick access and visibility. We have updated and redesigned this product. This classic version is no longer in production but we think the new version is a much improved upgrade.


Chainsaw Bro

Also sometimes called the Chainsaw Bra, The Chainsaw Bro was made to fit most standard Stihl chainsaw boxes so that it could be safely and securely attached to a roof rack. Featuring locking cam buckles, mil-spec webbing, and rugged weather resistant truck tarp, the goal was to easily store your chainsaw outside of your vehicle. This product has been retired and is no longer in production.


Adventure Skottle Cooking Kit

The Skottle from Tembo Tusk is an innovative and simple way to cook great food out on the trail. The Adventure Skottle is the little brother of the regular size Skottle. It is perfect for moto, boating, or tailgating adventures. We no longer sell Tembo Tusk products but have been making bags for Tembo Tusk for many years. We still highly recommend their grills.


Apocalypse T-shirt (2020)

The year 2020 was a year of dramatic turmoil and unknown unknowns. With a global pandemic, a toilet paper famine, murder hornets, an abundance of natural disasters, civil unrest, an explosive presidential election, and other volatile events, civilization seemed pushed to the brink. But the best place to ride out the chaos of Apocalypse 2020 - was the Great Outdoors! This limited release shirt commemorated the end of the world as we knew it!


Apocalypse 2020 Morale Patch

Our Apocalypse 2020 shirt release included a tandem release of the more colorful limited run morale patch. Backed with Velcro and ready for action, this was a merit badge for a year from Hades. Like our other limited run morale patches, you can now only acquire this bad boy by trading with somone who owns one. Only 1,000 were ever produced.


Old BROG Logo Patch

The BROG logo has gone through a number of iterations over the years - and so has our logo patch. This old Velcro backed morale patch featured the words: "Organize" and "Outside" - a reminder to get your gear organized and then get out into the wild! This logo patch has been updated with our most up to date logo, and is sold continuously (not a limited run).


Cooking kit bag (classic)

Our classic Cooking Kit Bag is designed to organize cooking spices and utensils; so you don’t have to dig through all that wreckage to find your camp spatula or favorite spice. Outfitted with MOLLE/PALS compatible laser cut front, Velcro panels, tool dividers, removable clear pouches and snaps for attaching to a vehicle fridge handle - the Cooking Kit Bag is your solution for simplifying your back-country cooking experience.


Skottle Bag

The Skottle from Tembo Tusk is an innovative and simple way to cook great food out on the trail. We worked with Tembo Tusk for years to build their Skottle storage bags. This latest iteration featured telescoping legs that allowed for more compact storage. We no longer sell Tembo Tusk products and no longer produce bags for Tembo Tusk.


Partner Steel Stove Bag

Camp stoves are an investment and to protect your investment you need a solid bag. Our Partner Steel Stove bag is designed to store and transport your 2-burner Partner Steel Stove. This product is no longer produced and has been retired from our regular manufacturing cycles.


Four Seasons Morale Patch Series (2019)

One of our first limited run, collectible morale patch series we've done over the years, our 'Four Seasons' series started in Fall 2019 and the final release was in Summer 2020. The design, in rectangle format, featured our logo with a seasonal icon in place of our normal round mountain scene. Either 500 or 1,000 of each patch design were ever made.


Sasquatch Was Here | Morale Patch (2021)

This is our original 'Sasquatch Was Here' morale patch - designed to encourage families to go adventuring together. For a whole year we invited the BROG community to help Sasquatch the Squirrel overland travel to all 50 U.S. States. He didn't get to every single one but he came darn close!


Sasquatch Was Here | T-shirts (2021)

Our original 'Sasquatch Was Here' morale patch and '50 States' challenge also included t-shirts. Available in both kid's and adult's shirt sizes, these shirts were released as a limited run and are no longer available. Like the patch, all you had to do was wear the shirt when traveling and tag us on Instagram. Your image was then reviewed and put on the Sasquatch Was Here gallery and a nut was placed on the map.


Mount Rogers Backpack

The Mount Rogers Backpack was designed for those who are looking for more organization than a typical backpack offers. While it may look like a normal daypack on the outside - on the inside it features an innovative internal removable pouch kit or could be customized with other Velcro backed pouches. The Mount Rogers has been retired. Watch the product video: here.


Got-To-Go Bag

Sometimes on the crazy journey of life, you just get the urge to pack a bag and go on an adventure. That's kind of the premise for our entire lifestyle — both in and out of the shop at Blue Ridge Overland Gear. That's how the Got-To-Go Bag, our ultimate EDC kit bag, was born. Currently out of production and being re-imagined in our top secret R&D workshop, this legendary bag deserves a come-back.


Got-To-Go Transit Bag

The smaller brother of the Got-To-Go Bag, the Transit was a multi-pocket messenger bag built for the daily commute and EDC use. Due to it's complex design it was phased out but still remains one of our most creative products.


Take The Wild Road Shirts (2022)

This limited run original BROG t-shirt design released in Fall 2022. It was available in both short sleeve and long sleeve and screenprinted in Virginia, USA by our friends at Cotton Connection in Lynchburg, VA.


Action Packer Cover

Our Action Packer Cover was made of vinyl-coated polyester truck tarp and was designed to secure the Rubbermaid Action Packer to your roof rack securely. It also provided additional weather protection, covering the lid to keep out any rain. This product was retired several years back.


Custom Color Seat Back Panels

Back in 2021 we introduced laser cut MOLLE options in our Seat Back Panels for the first time. We started by offering a variety of color combinations that you could customize. Today we now offer a more set collection of colorways but still continue to produce laser cut MOLLE Seat Back Panels.


Cheez-It / Cookie / Goldfish carrier (2019 / 2021 / 2022)

Originally conceived as a custom solution that appeared in one of our 'Organize It' videos, the Cheez-It Carrier pays homage to Chris Shontz of Venture4WD who set the example of using Cheez-Its as a standard overlanding snack. This limited run product went on to several re-releases as : the Cookie Carrier, and the Goldfish Carrier.


Biomes Morale patch series (2021)

Back in 2021 we launched our exclusive Biomes morale patch series. Designed as a celebration of some of the top ecological landscapes overland travellers find themselves in, each patch also featured a keystone species of that biome. As of 2023, the Prairie Fox and Tundra Bear are still available. Once all units sell out no patch will be restocked.


Subaru Attic (2019)

Designed back in 2019, the Subaru Attic was designed for most Subaru Outback and Forester models (years 1996 to 2014). Due to a decline in popularity this product is now retired.