June Rewards Accelerator: Earn loyalty Rewards 3x faster!

Loyalty Rewards


Create an account to start earning points on every order and start banking serious Rewards! The more you spend, the more you save. Join the BROG Nation today!

How loyalty rewards works

Create account

Sign up for a BROG account (100 points). Then sign-up for our weekly email list (100 points). Get $10 off right away!

shop & earn reward points

The main way to earn points is making purchases on our website. You can also earn points other ways too. Check out the list below.

Claim rewards (discounts)

Points add up to serious discounts. You can earn: $10, $25, or $50 once your points pass those thresholds. Simply enter your personal discount code manually at check out.

Discounts you can earn

$10 OFF (200 POINTS)

Everyone who signs up and gets on our weekly email list, earns 200 Points. You can claim the $10 Off Reward right away - and keep earning it over time.

$25 OFF (500 POINTS)

If you decide not to claim a $10 Off Reward you can continue earning Points to get the $25 Off Reward.

$50 OFF (1,000 POINTS)

Feeling ambitious, or maybe you are outfitting your vehicle? The more you buy, the more you save. Once you earn the $50 Off Reward apply it to your next order.

Ways to earn Reward Points


Sign-up and claim your Blue Ridge Overland Gear account and right away get 100 Reward Points.


Every dollar you spend with us equals one Reward Point (Ex: If you spend $300 with us, get 300 Points)


While you are signing up for an account, get on our weekly email list for another 100 Reward Points.


Make a purchase, leave an honest review on the website and get 40 Reward Points. Get 20 more Reward Points by adding product pictures to the Review.


Let us know when your birthday is and we'll celebrate with you by sending you 100 Reward Points on your birthday.


Follow us on Instagram to earn 40 Reward Points.


After earning enough Points (200, 500, or 1,000) manually claim a Reward through your Rewards account page, the Member Reward dashboard (bottom left of website - look for the money icon in the blue circle), or an email notification. You will be given a one-time use unique Discount Code that will only work for you when you are logged into your account. You can use the code at any time but you cannot retroactively apply a Discount Code to an order you have already placed.

Once claimed, you can redeem your Reward by entering your unique Discount Code at checkout on our website.

Please note: you can only use one Discount Code per each checkout.

If you choose to continue earning points for a bigger discount, do not claim the lower reward you earn.

1.) Login to your account. 2.) Scroll down to the bottom of the website and click on the 'Your Rewards' link. 3.) On that page you can see your Points balance, how close you are to earning Rewards, Points History, and ways to earn Rewards. Some of this information is also available in the Member Rewards dashboard in the bottom left corner of the website (look for the money icon in a blue circle).

If you are new to Blue Ridge Overland Gear you can earn 200 Points ($10 Off) right away. Simply sign-up for an account (+100 Points), and get on our weekly email list (+100 Points). Once you verify your account: 1) login, 2) claim your first Reward, 3) start shopping, and 4) apply your first Discount Code when checking out on the website.

Currently you can use the social icons on each product page to share BROG products with your friends and followers on social media (Facebook, Instagram, and email).

There is a limit to some of the ways you can earn Points, but your purchases will always earn you Points. Also, while there is no limitation to how many Rewards you can claim and redeem, please keep in mind that you cannot use multiple Rewards at one time.

There is no catch. We make this service available to you for free because we are serious about providing great gear. We do NOT sell your information, and value your data privacy.

Have no fear! If you need help sorting out your Points or Rewards feel free to contact our Customer Support Team and we'd be glad to help.

You will hit the $10 Off Reward threshold first. If you want to keep earning points to get to the $25 Off Reward, do not claim the $10 Off Reward. Want to keep earning points to get to the $50 Off Reward? Do not claim the $25 Off Reward - instead keep earning points until you hit the next threshold.