Do you have specific questions about a particular Blue Ridge
Overland Gear product? Check that product's page first and then if you still have questions, contact us directly. If you have general questions, checkout out our FAQ's listed below. We may have already answered your question :).

Shipping and Returns

Do you have questions about our Shipping policies, or how our product return process works? The FAQ's below may be helpful.

Glad you asked. Free shipping will automatically be applied to orders over a certain amount (ex: $99, etc). This Free Shipping threshold may fluctuate over time so pay attention to what the current price threshold is.

Once you qualify for Free Shipping you can choose the option at checkout in the shipping settings.

You can return any Blue ridge Overland Gear product in 30 days, for any reason. Please contact our Customer Support team for more information on returning an item.

If you purchase an item and it just doesn't work out the way you'd hoped, contact us first, and then send it to the following address and we'll issue you a refund:

Blue Ridge Overland Gear / Returns
2687 Rocky Ford Rd.Bedford, Va. 24523

For more info about our Refund policy go: HERE.

Yeah, that's a bummer. It is possible that your discount, once applied, will bump you back under the Free Shipping threshold. It's a hard fact of life. The only thing we can recommend is add a smaller product to your order to reach the Free Shipping threshold again.

If your porch / delivery area is under siege from a roving band of porch pirates than we suggest checking out Mark Rober's exploding glitter bomb kit as a countermeasure. You will also want to first take the issue up with your mail / package carrier before you contact us.

Sorry! We cannot offer free shipping to customers who are not in the continental USA.

Check out this blog post to see most of the countries we ship to.

We are a small American manufacturing facility in the rural foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains.  As such there are a number of variables that can impact how quickly we are able to fulfill your order.

  1. Limited Inventory - "In stock" on our website means the product exists in one of three forms: 100% complete, in progress, or about to go into production.  In an effort to manage and maintain daily operations sometimes we adjust our inventory by a day or two.  Such is the nature of a small business.  This means sometimes we need to wait a day or two for a batch of products to come out of production before we can ship it.
  2. Supply Chain Issues - At times we run into raw material delays or shortages. We do our best to mitigate supply chain issues but we have no control over our raw materials suppliers or the availability of raw materials at times. From fabrics to hardware we are dependent on a dynamic and ever evolving supply chain.
  3. Small  Business - We are a small business with a small, but growing, production team.  If any of our production or shipping team members are sick or out for any reason it can hinder the production and order fulfillment cycle.
  4. Third Party Products - We do not stock every third party product here at our facility. Examples of third party brands this applies to include: Midland, and Factor 55. Some will be dropshiped from the manufacturer directly to the customer.  Other third party products will ship from the manufacturer to us before we can ship it to the customer. 
  5. Human Error - At the end of the day we're human.  We sometime make mistakes.  We don't do it on purpose, but we're human.  We will do everything in our power to get it right on the first try, but if we don't we will try that much harder to fix it as quickly as we can.

My grandmother told me, "you'll get a lot further in life with a spoonful of honey than a spoonful of vinegar."  Please keep that in mind when checking on the status of your order.  If you're nice to us and treat us with respect, because we are human after all, we will do so in kind.  We will make every effort to fulfill your order as quickly as we possibly can.  We value your business and want you to get your order as quickly as possible.

Discounts and Rewards

Do you have questions about our Rewards / Loyalty program, or about other discounts we offer? See the frequently asked questions below.

Yes we do. If you are willing to screenshot a valid ID to support@blueridgeoverlandgear.com, or can provide a '.gov' or '.mil' email address, we can offer you 10% off of each purchase. With the email address, it's for verification purposes only. We do not spam these addresses. Also please note: you cannot combine your 10% off discount with your BROG Rewards discounts. You must use one or the other.

Yes...and no. Shipping discounts and Order discounts are treated separately in our system - they can be used at the same time by manually entering them at checkout. But two Order discount codes cannot be used at checkout together.

For instance: a military/first responder discount code and a Rewards program discount code cannot be used at the same time.

Yes, we do! The BROG Rewards program is an easy way for you to earn your own personal discounts anytime. When you sign up for, and verify your BROG account on our website, you can earn Points with every purchase and also earn Points in other ways - like product reviews, and more. These Points add up to serious discounts. Learn more about BROG Rewards - including how to earn Points and redeem Rewards: https://www.blueridgeoverlandgear.com/pages/brog-rewards

Due to the handmade nature of our products we do not offer group buys or bulk discounts to retail customers. If you are a business or government agency contact us for wholesale pricing.


Blue Ridge Overland Gear products are designed and manufactured in Bedford, Virginia, USA. We build our products to last and offer an extended lifetime warranty on everything we make.

We offer one of the most robust extended warranties in the outdoor gear industry. Why? Because we build superior products made to last. Occasionally a product may leave our shop and get passed over by our quality control team. If you notice any failure in the workmanship or functionality of a product please reach out to out Customer Support team and they will walk you through the Product Warranty Claim process.

All our bags and pouches come with an extended lifetime warranty against defects in workmanship. We also guarantee the durability of our products. We intend for them to last decades, not just a few years.

Unlike many other manufacturers, we build our products with handcrafted quality using premium materials for long-lasting usability. From our fabrics to our hardware, we choose tactical grade and rugged components to make the very best products possible.

We strive to use the most durable hardware and parts we can to manufacture our products. Occasionally these third-party parts do not measure up to our durability standards because of a manufacturing defect or incorrect use. If you experience broken hardware please contact our Support team to receive a warranty replacement part.

Yes! All our bags and pouches are made here in our shop in Bedford County, Virginia, USA. We pride ourselves in carrying on the tradition of quality American, small batch manufacturing.

The I.D. Panels (nametapes) we sell are not made in-house. We also sell morale patches. Our leather patches are generally made in our shop but any thread-based patches are not made in-house. T-shirts and apparel are designed in-house and screenprinted in Virginia by a screen printer local to our shop.

General Questions

Do you have questions about Blue Ridge Overland Gear products, our website, or anything else? Check out these common questions and their answers below.

Products that are a part of our regular production cycle may go out of stock because of production capacity or raw goods limitations. Products that are classified as Limited Run may only be produced once or twice a year.

Either way, on the product page, make sure to click the 'Notify Me When Available'. You will be emailed as soon as it is back in stock. Also, make sure to get on our main email list to keep tabs on the latest Limited Runs and product releases.

No we do not. En Espanol? No. Italiano? No. Nepalese? No. In English? Nope.

We will certainly try. If you want a product that isn't on our website, give us call and we will do our best to hook you up.

The product you are looking for must be by a brand we already carry.

Call us at: 1-866-855-5471
Email us at: support@blueridgeoverlandgear.com

You may occasionally notice red dots marking certain spots on our bags. These marks are the result of our handcrafted process by which we make our products in small batches. Simply apply a little soapy water to a rag and wipe away the red marks if needed.

We feature a leather logo tag on a majority of our products. The leather we use in our manufacturing process may vary from batch to batch so you may notice differences in leather color and grain across multiple products. On our smaller products, due to size, we do not feature leather logo tags.

Customizing existing products is not a regular service we offer. But occasionally we have the bandwidth to offer this service - for an additional fee. Contact us to inquire about customizing an existing product.

No. However, the Land Cruiser Attic is the most versatile fit. Please note that we cannot guarantee a fit for any vehicle other than the makes and models listed with each product. If you do not have proper attachment points, the attic, or your vehicle, would have to be adapted heavily to make it work. While we do not recommend this, some of our DIY customers prefer to take the risk.

We get asked this a lot and it comes down to a few major things.

  1. Does the vehicle have proper mounting points? For an attic to work, it needs at least 4 mounting points, and none of them can be the front seat's grab handles. This is a safety requirement because we don't want the attic to be so far forward, that anything falling out of it would fall onto the driver.
  2. The mounting points need to be usable without modifying the vehicle or taking anything major apart. We'd rather you not have to do surgery on your vehicle to make our products work.
  3. Are there enough of that vehicle actively being driven? We make Vehicle attics for popular makes and models to serve as many customers as possible.

A Vehicle Attic is cargo netting that is designed to maximize the
overhead storage potential in your vehicle. It works with the existing attachment points in your vehicle (grab handles and coat hanger hooks). Out attics are designed for specific makes and models of off-road capable vehicles.

We believe your first aid kit should be tailored to you and should have gear you know how to use. Our first aid kits come empty so you can build it to fit your needs.

Because Velcro is an amazing way to make our bags and gear storage solutions more modular. Plus, it makes our products more customizable - just stick morale patches or ID Panels on it for easy identification.

'Hook and loop' is the general (unbranded) name for the attachment system popularized by the Velcro brand company.

MOLLE (pronounced: Molly) is an acronym that stands for "modular lightweight load-carrying equipment."

It is a gear attachment system used by the U.S. Military and other military forces around the world.

The MOLLE system includes PALS webbing. PALS stands for Pouch Attachment Ladder System, and it's the horizontal grid of repeating  fabric webbing strips (or laser cut openings). According to the PALS standard, these strips are spaced 1 inch apart, and sewn to the backing at 1.5-inch intervals.

We use MOLLE / PALS on many of our bags to allow for easy, modular attachment options.

Our notify when in stock system is a "first come first served" system. Here is how it works:

  1. If we enter 10 units of a product into inventory, just the 10 people who have been signed up to be notified for that product the longest will get notified first.
  2. The system will then wait for 12 hours. After 12 hours is up, it will re-count how many of that product are left in inventory. If there are 5 left after 12 hours, the system will notify the next 5 people who are signed up to be notified.
  3. The system will continue to do step 2 until all the units are sold or everyone has been notified.

We chose to set up the system this way for a few reasons:

  1. So that if you receive a notification email, you have a window of time to act.
  2. So that if we make 10 units, but 80 people are signed up to be notified, not all 80 get notified at once.
  3. Because if we notify everyone at once, then a lot of people would show up to the product page but find it sold out, so they would have to sign up to be notified a second time and essentially lose their place in line.

Yes! All our bags and pouches are made here in our shop in Bedford County, Virginia, USA. We pride ourselves in carrying on the tradition of quality American, small batch manufacturing.

The I.D. Panels (nametapes) we sell are not made in-house. We also sell morale patches. Our leather patches are generally made in our shop but any thread-based patches are not made in-house. T-shirts and apparel are designed in-house and screenprinted in Virginia by a screen printer local to our shop.

At times, and at the right volume, we do offer Custom Sew Services to select business owners and entrepreneurs. Please contact us to discuss our current Custom Sew availability.

Product Installation and Use

Do you have questions about how to install Blue Ridge Overland Gear products? Or are you curious about best practices for how to use our modular outdoor and overlanding gear organizers? See the answers to common questions below.

Glad you asked! Check out our Install Guides page for step-by-step Vehicle Attic install instructions.

Blue Ridge Overland Gear Vehicle Attics are perfect for light-weight things like jackets, blankets, sleeping bags, tarps, rain gear, and hats; things that aren't so heavy they would give your backseat passenger a concussion if you hit a pothole too hard!

Our Vehicle Attics are designed for lightweight gear like jackets, sleeping bags, blankets, hats, rain gear, and the like. Do NOT place the following (or similar) items in your Vehicle Attic: bowling balls, anvils, dynamite, medieval maces, chain mail, armor, javelins, bank safes, tire irons, tool bags, etc. — you know, heavy stuff that would hurt if it bounced out on your head!

Check out our Install Guides page for our step-by-step Tire Bags install video.

The BROG Headrest Velcro Panel fits headrests 18-25" around.

The Seat Back Panels are widely universal. The 14x20" Panels typically pair well with bucket seats.

Visiting our shop

Curious about where we make everything? Have you heard a rumor that we allow camping to overlanders passing through? Get these questions answered and more.

Yes! We offer a serene campground amidst 60 acres of planted pines here at our production shop and offices. We are within 20/30 minutes from the Blue Ridge Parkway, the Blue Ridge Mountains, Smith Mountain Lake, and Thomas Jefferson's Poplar Forest. We are a day's drive from Virginia Beach and Virginia's Eastern Shore. The campground is primitive with no amenities, so self-contained camping only. Leave no trace! See our Hip Camp listings to register for your stay.

Absolutely. Come on by and see our gear in person and try it out in your vehicle. The world is your oyster. We are a manufacturer, so products will be in storage bins. We recommend browsing our website first. Also, if something is out of stock on the website, we most likely won't have one in inventory.

Use this text to answer questions in as much detail as possible for your customers.