Overland Trip Planning

Overland Trip Planning 101

Are you new to vehicle-based adventure travel? We invite you to join us for the Overland Trip Planning video series. Our goal is to help you better plan and prepare for your next adventure. These conversations will encourage you take on your next overland trip with maximum readiness and organization. According to Blue Ridge Overland Gear founder and owner, Matt Akenhead, every one of us has a reason why we can’t leave our driveway for an expedition - but sometimes it's easier than we think to overcome the obstacles. No more excuses - get equipped and ready to explore!

Vehicle Organization

In this three part Vehicle Organization video series we lay out how to organize your off-road vehicle and what gear to carry depending on what kind of overland trip you are planning. These are practical recommendations that we think will be helpful for adventure travel beginners.

Vehicle Organization: Part 1 (How To Kit For Any Trip)

In this video series intro, we’ll give a summary of how to kit your vehicle for any overland trip. Then in subsequent videos we will give more detail on each type of overland trip and how we plan our gear and organize for each.


Vehicle organization: Part 2 (What's In reach of the driver)

What is the best way to kit your vehicle for a low-key excursion? What's essential and what's extra? For a basic excursion, you might need a lot less 'stuff' than you think! In this video we focus on the immediate, or 'Access Point One' of your vehicle. These are areas in the vehicle which are within arms' reach of the driver. We've narrowed this category to include some basic items for safety, navigation, first aid, and comfort.


Vehicle Organization: Part 3 (Gear For Easy Access)

In the third Vehicle Organization video of our Overland Trip Planning series we'll be looking at the next area of access for kitting your off-road vehicle. These are the storage areas for gear that needs to be close — but not within immediate reach — of the driver and front passenger.



In these videos we explore some digital and physical resources, how to budget your time and money, and more - all to help you with trip navigation and route planning. We also feature an additional video on how to find places to go overlanding.


We go step-by-step through the planning process for a short weekend overlanding trip. Using the Mid-Atlantic Backcountry Discovery Route as an example, we discusses calculating fuel mileage, finding campsites, budgeting for food, and what the overall budget would be for a trip like this.



In this video we explore some digital map resources to help you with overland trip navigation and route planning. If you've been
looking for a comprehensive intro to using digital maps for overland trip planning and route navigation don't miss it!



Never underestimate the importance of having analog, physical maps at hand. In this video, we walk through part of a series on Trip Navigation Resources. Learn how to use various kinds of paper maps in tandem for trip planning and overland navigation.