Overland Build Breakdown: electrical system upgrades - video series Overland Build Breakdown: electrical system upgrades - video series

Overland Build Breakdown

Electrical System Upgrades | Video Series

In this 'Overland Build Breakdown' video series, we're documenting Matt's Suburban 2500 overland build and electrical system upgrades. Our good friend Jeremy of Family Adventures Overlanding will be walking step-by-step through the whole process to give you insights into how you can replicate similar upgrades.

Part 1: Choosing Components

Our friend Jeremy has been a pro mechanic for decades and has done numerous overland builds over the years. In this first video, Jeremy talks through designing electrical system upgrades based on the components you will need to wire up, and he also discusses what components will be going into Matt's Suburban.

Part 2: Creating A Wiring Plan

We continue the 'Build Breakdown' video series documenting Matt's Suburban 2500 overland vehicle build and electrical system upgrades. In this second episode Jeremy lays out how to create a wiring plan. Included in this video: things to consider, and pitfalls to be avoided. Remember: start simple, and let your plan evolve.

Part 3: How TO Make A Wiring Harness

The 'Build Breakdown' video series continues as we take you step-by-step through a Suburban 2500 electrical system upgrade for overland and off-road travel. In this third episode Jeremy goes into detail on how to make a wiring harness, including: tools you will need, how to correctly measure, proper planning and final steps. He covers everything you need to make this overland vehicle wiring install safe and neatly done.

Part 4: How To Run Wires Through The Firewall

We continue the 'Build Breakdown' video series as we unpack some basics about DIY overland electrical. Jeremy has been taking you step-by-step through changes to a Suburban 2500 electrical system but the basic principles used can be applied to many other similar off-road capable vehicles. In this fourth episode Jeremy goes into detail on how to run your wires through the firewall and how to keep water from getting in.

Part 5: Wiring Details: Shore Power and Distribution

In Part 5 of the 'Build Breakdown: DIY Overland Electrical' video series, Jeremy (@Family Adventures Overlanding) finishes up the electrical upgrades in this full size truck overland build. He goes over shore power and splicing large power cables, labeling wires, and mounting components in the engine bay.

Part 6: Air Ride Suspension Install Tips

In Part 6 of this 'Build Breakdown' video series, Jeremy, of Family Adventures Overlanding walks through the advantages of using an air ride suspension system on your off-road vehicle, instead of just using stronger leaf springs. He also goes through the full installation step-by-step and gives tips that will help you along the way.

Part 7: Air Compressor Install

We are coming near the end of this 'Overland Build Breakdown' video series. In Part 7 Jeremy, of Family Adventures Overlanding, walks through the benefits of a York Air Compressor and a brief overview of how to install one.

Ultimate Utility Build: Suburaban 2500 Walkaround

The electrical upgrades are finished! Now checkout the complete walkaround.

Few overlanders have a rig that's dedicated to just hitting the trails. At the very least, it needs to pull daily driver duty by hauling the family, and sometimes farm work and towing are tossed in the mix. This is exactly the idea behind the Ultimate Utility build Suburban. With a focus on communication, first aid, and general organization, the Suburban can transition from towing farm equipment to hitting the trails in no time flat. Matt practices what he preaches. Instead of building his Suburban just for overlanding he has designed his rig to fit his needs, whether as a daily driver, a farm truck, or an adventure rig.