Modular By Design | Part 1: Velcro

Feb 12, 2021by Jason F

The design thinking and philosophy behind why we build stuff here at Blue Ridge Overland Gear is rooted in long-term thinking.

Your travel needs and outdoor lifestyle change over time. But will your bags, organizers, and soft storage adapt with you? 

Our overall product development design philosophy is based on an interchangeable, modular system that is made to be universal and customizable. 

In this video CEO, founder, and Chief Builder, Matt Akenhead, explains why it is easy to customize and adapt your gear storage in your overlanding rig or off-road trailer with the Blue Ridge Overland Gear system.

In this first part of a two part series, he explains why we use Velcro (hook and loop) so obsessively. Stay tuned for part two where Matt discusses how we use MOLLE (PALS) as another option for attachment, customization, and long-term adaptability.

As we always say: Get organized. Get outdoors!