Orders Over $150: Free Boone Explorer Patch

Mar 8, 2023

Free Daniel Boone Morale Patch with orders over $150

Early American frontiersman and pioneer, Daniel Boone, gained fame as a  wilderness folk hero in the mid to late 1700's. His trailblazing, trapping, and hunting expeditions through the Appalachian Mountains became the stuff of legends. He is, even to this day, an American icon of wilderness skill and bravery.

Our Daniel Boone morale patch, is the first in a limited edition series of famous explorer patches which symbolize the spirit of freedom and independence necessary for every adventure seeker. What is lesser known about these famous expedition leaders is that they were indeed...squirrels! Sasquatch the Squirrel, our trusty shop mascot has been researching his family lineage and has uncovered his connection to these exploration icons. Now in celebration of these discoveries we are releasing the exclusive Explorers series throughout 2023.

The Boone morale patch is available for purchase - or now, for a limited time, you can get one free on any order over $150. Don't miss your chance to own a little American squirrel history!

PLEASE NOTE: When placing an order over $150 you will not see the Boone Patch in your checkout on the website, but you will be emailed a notification reminding you of the earned reward.