New: Updated MOLLE IFAK Adapter

Mar 9, 2023

We have two loves here at Blue Ridge Overland Gear: staying organized and getting outdoors. Of course, getting outdoors can involved quite a bit of gear - especially if your camping or overlanding and taking longer trips. As we've developed our system of modular gear bags, pouches, and organizers, we've relied heavily on two forms of attachment for easy customization: MOLLE / PALS and Velcro (aka: hook and loop).

It's hard to say which form of attachment is better. In a head-to-head contest they would likely come out equal - but each one has it's strengths. MOLLE is better for uses when you want a pouch or bag to stay in place for a long period of time. It's perfect for creating a modular kit using multiple bags that give you easy access to your gear.

Velcro is perfect for pouches that don't carry a ton of weight and have a high volume of use. We use Velcro brand hook and loop that is milspec quality. It is heavy duty, long lasting, and super strong. This is perfect for our Headrest Pouch Kits, including our recently updated IFAK Velcro Pouch, small.

A small First Aid Kit needs to be super accessible and we think the headrest of your vehicle is the perfect place for it. But we want everything we make to be as modular and customizable as possible. So, after updating the design for our IFAK Velcro Pouch, small, we decided to redesign the MOLLE IFAK Adapter that turns this Velcro backed bag into a MOLLE ready kit.

The MOLLE IFAK Adapter is perfect for using the IFAK Velcro Pouch, small on any MOLLE / PALS platform like our Seat Back Panels, or our larger Triple Run bags. Now you don't have to choose which attachment system you love better - use them both in equal measure!