Trip Planning Bag: Limited Run (Ends May 23)

May 15, 2024by Jason F
Trip Planning Bag - limited run


We're all fancy these days with GPS gadgets and high tech navigation systems to go off-road and to plan our overlanding routes. But gosh dern it, what ever happened to some old fashioned trip planning (no, that's not a drug reference)? You clear the dining room table, as the family looks on with wide eyes, and you start breaking out the gazetteers, the atlases, the paper maps, maybe a clip board with some lined paper, and of course an erasable pen - because, well, you're not afraid to use ink (but you also know you're not perfect).

And instead of having your pile of atlases and route plans floating around waiting to get misplaced and creased or bent all to heck, you know you need something to keep them in, in order and easy to find. And no, a manila folder with paper clips doesn't count.

That's where the Blue Ridge Overland Gear Trip Planning Bag comes into play. It's been around for awhile for good reason. It's one of the easiest ways to protect and organize all your hard earned trip planning materials and atlases in one grab-and-go package.

We don't make this bag every day - only every now and again. We call that a limited run. We're a small manufacturer so we pick and choose what we commit our time to make. Right now you can pre-order your Trip Planning Bag and then after a week of orders - we'll start making them and get them shipped out right after that. Sound like a plan? Let us know if you want one by May 23!