Fully Kitted Tacoma Cab: Before and After

Feb 1, 2019by Jason F

We recently worked with LT Wright Knives ambassador Grant Helms to get his 2017 Tacoma interior cab organized and kitted for his frequent overlanding, off-roading, and road trips. The goal was to find a place for all the essentials (including a well-used machete) and to make use of underutilized space in the truck. We put together a couple seat back panel kits, installed a Tacoma Attic, Visor Panels, multi-purpose Pouches, Headrest Velcro Panel with one of our First Aid kit bags, and a new product just for Tacoma - the Taco Tray center console organizer.

Even if you don’t own a Tacoma this is a great way to see how you can get the chaos of your truck or overlanding rig back in order and ready to ride.