Camp Stove Bags Are Back

Sep 12, 2019by Jason F

Many of you have contacted us asking when our Partner Steel and Camp Chef stove bags will be available again. We were hesitant to answer after the stove bags inexplicably vanished into a rift in the space time continuum a number of months ago.

After a long wait the stove bags reappeared as mysteriously as they had vanished. But this time they had gained even more superior qualities. What happened in their foray into another dimension we cannot say, but they have returned - with a more efficient design and are more durable, now made of even better abrasion-resistant material (was 500D nylon Cordura, now is 1000D nylon Cordura).

These camp stove bags are out of this world and made right here in Bedford, Virginia, USA. We currently offer camp stove bags for:

Camp Chef Everest | BUY NOW

Partner Steel two burner (22" only) | BUY NOW