New in the Shop: Cheez-It Carrier | Chris Shontz Edition (Limited Run)

Sep 5, 2019by Jason F

IMPORTANT NOTE: Our video in July featured Rob and Crissi of Triad Expeditions. We helped them get their supercharged FJ Cruiser and overlanding trailer in order with our vehicle organizers and a few custom pieces. One of the custom products we made, the Cheez-It Carrier, was inspired by well known overlander and full time adventure traveler Chris Shontz of Venture4WD. As a thanks to Chris for his inspiration, a portion of each Cheeze-It Carrier sale will go to support his continued travels!

The Cheeze-It Carrier is available for a limited run until September 6 so place your order today.


According to a reliable source (we Googled), a 2015 study published in the U.S. National Library of Medicine revealed that certain foods are more addictive than others. Coming out on top of that list is any food containing cheese.


Well according to the study, during digestion, a protein in cheese called casein releases opiates called casomorphins. These casomorphins ignite the dopamine receptors, which truly does give our favorite dairy product an addictive edge. Cheese triggers a similar reaction in the human body to opioids! We finally have an answer to the question of why any food with cheese on it is just so good! Cheese is the equivalent of food crack!

You know it's true. Cheese gives any food that you wouldn't normally want to eat instant appeal. I mean broccoli is meh. It's just a veg. But add cheese?! Now that's a full plate of green AND sexy! So if you or a loved one has ever struggled with a cheese addiction, you finally have answers! Please know that BROG is here for you. You are not alone. Though we will tell you, we are shameless cheese-addict enablers around here. We firmly believe that anything is "bedda with chedda!"

For all you cheese addicts, we have the perfect trail-snacking companion. For your beloved Cheez-Its, we've created the Cheeze-It Carrier. It puts your favorite snack fix right at your fingertips — it even leaves a freehand for you to swat any passengers who try to grab a handful of your snacks without your permission. Now you can have one hand on the wheel and one in your favorite snack. Forget about get holding hands on a date. Pffft. Overrated! Now you don't even have to wait for your front seat passenger to dole out a handful of snacks anymore. Snack on demand. Get our Cheez-It bag. You're welcome.