Bum Bag XL: Coming Next Week

Nov 22, 2023by Jason F
Bum Bag XL - coming next week


Since the release of the Blue Ridge Overland Gear Bum Bag in 2022 we have indoctrinated hundreds, if not thousands, into the cult of the fanny pack (aka: waist bag). And for good reason. Our Bum Bag is the perfect pouch to carry a basic EDC loadout. No more bulky, overflowing pockets.

And yet sometimes you need to go beyond basic. We have something in the works that will take your EDC carrying capacity to the next level. Introducing, the Bum Bag XL. But it's not just a supersized Bum Bag. The Bum Bag XL comes with some new features and is built with X-Pac - a high performance, environmentally friendly, waterproof fabric. More details to come!

We're doing one limited run batch before Christmas, and for the sake of time we will have to limited the size of that batch. Sign up to be notified when the Bum Bag XL drops next week if you want to be one of the first to get it before Christmas!

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