Best Gifts For Off-Road Dads

May 19, 2022by Jason F
Best Gifts for Off-Road Dads


Father's Day is coming up fast (Sunday, June 19) and we have some great gift ideas for the 'Off-Road Dad' in your life. If your man loves getting outdoors and going off-road, check out our suggestions below that will help him improve his adventures, save space in his vehicle, and keep his gear in order. And as always, everything we make is Blue Ridge built in the USA, made with superior quality, and comes with our rugged lifetime warranty.


Triple Run Tool Bag

Our classic Tool Bag has always been a bestseller and our new Triple Run Tool Bag takes the design and construction to a new level. Instead of throwing tools into a bulky hard case tool box this Tool Bag will not only keep essential tools compact and quiet on rough roads, but it also will swallow more tools than should be legally allowed. It's like a clown car for tools! It comes with removable Velcro pouches with clear rugged vinyl fronts that are a gamechanger when you need to quickly grab just a few tools.

Tool Pouch Roll

The Blue Ridge Overland Gear Tool Pouch Roll is often imitated by companies that make cheap off-shore alternatives. Not only is our construction superior but our Cordura and other mil-spec materials will outlast the lesser grade materials used by imitators. This Tool Pouch Roll comes with the same removable Velcro Pouches as our Tool Bag but is the smaller brother if you need even more compact tool storage in your vehicle. Need something even smaller? Go with our Tool Pouch Sling.

Vehicle Attics - made in the USA!

For softer camping and outdoor gear like coats, sleeping bags, blankets, and rain gear, our Vehicle Attics are a great way to use wasted space in your vehicle. No more kids sweaters and hats thrown all over the floor. The only drawback to our attics is they are vehicle specific and built only for those specific vehicles. We have attics for:

  • Toyota Tacoma Truck 2013 and newer (crew cab only!)
  • Toyota 4Runner (4th generation) / Lexus (GX and newer)
  • Jeep JKU (4-door Jeep Wranglers from 2012-2018)
  • Jeep JLU (4-Door Jeep Unlimited Version - JLU only)
  • Land Cruiser 80 & 100 series / Lexus LX450 and LX470

Have questions about fitment? Reach out to our Customer Support Team.

Triple Run Air Tools Bag

Airing your tires up and down on the trail can be a constant necessity. But how do you keep all your air tools easy to find and organized for quick access? Our Triple Run Air Tools Bag is the perfect solution for the rock crawler or Off-Road Dad.