Apocalypse 2020 Morale Patch
Apocalypse 2020 BROG morale patch
Apocalypse 2020 BROG morale patch
Apocalypse 2020 BROG morale patch
Apocalypse 2020 morale patch (Get Outdoors Or Else)
Apocalypse 2020 morale patch (Get Outdoors Or Else) - image by Fury Training Concepts

Apocalypse 2020 Morale Patch


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2020 has been a year of dramatic turmoil and unknown unknowns. With a global pandemic, a toilet paper famine, murder hornets, an abundance of natural disasters, civil unrest, an explosive presidential election, and other volatile events, civilization seems pushed to the brink. But you are a resilient soul and you know the best place to ride out the chaos of Apocalypse 2020 - in the outdoors!

If you find solace in overlanding, camping, and the outdoor lifestyle, you know that embracing adventure is the only way to keep your sanity. Though this has been a seriously trying year we are commemorating your self-reliant and adventurous spirit with a limited edition Apocalypse 2020 morale patch.

Get your Apocalypse 2020 morale patch / merit badge to remember a year that will go down in history books. Think of this patch as a reminder to fate that you won't go down without a fight - or at least, one last camping or overlanding trip! Escape to survive! Get outdoors and keep your sanity!

  • Embroidered patch measures 3" in diameter (slightly smaller than our logo patch).
  • Backed with hook Velcro material.
  • Patch will attach to any loop (Velcro) or similar material.
  • Exclusive design.
  • Limited release! Only 1,000 produced (over half are already gone!)

Please note: patches are not made in-house.

This patch includes some cryptic messaging that few people will fully comprehend. But remember this well so you can pass this secret knowledge on to future generations:

  • Apocalypse (ἀποκάλυψις, apokálypsis) is a Greek word meaning "revelation", "an unveiling or unfolding of things not previously known and which could not be known apart from the unveiling".

  • The Skull King represents the apocalyptic nature of 2020 - many things have been exposed and revealed in the multi-faceted crisis of this year.

  • The gold crown represents the novel 'coronavirus' (COVID-19) pandemic that has swept the globe. 'Corona' means crown.

  • The Skull King is blindfolded with the roman numerals: MMXX - which stands for '2020' and the unknown unknowns that have blindsided us all.

  • The Skull is on fire with a black and blue fire: this fire represents the intensity and bruising we have all experienced during the pandemic and other crisis events. The blue is also Blue Ridge Overland Gear (BROG) blue.

  • Behind the Skull King is a flowing trail of toilet paper still on the roll. This T.P. represents 'the great toilet paper famine' that ensued after the emergence of the global pandemic.

  • The patch bears the inscription: 'Escape to Survive, Get Outdoors or Else'. Getting into nature reduces your stress, gives you perspective, and for many of us - camping and overlanding has been the ultimate social distancing. Let this phrase always be a reminder that getting in the great outdoors is essential to your personal sanity - especially in a time of societal upheaval and crisis.


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