New! Back-In-Stock Notifications

Aug 27, 2020by Jason F

Back-in-stock notifications

We're a small shop that makes our own products in batches right here in Virginia, USA. If you order from companies that merely stock products (but don't make them), they will pull product off the shelf and send it out to you.

Because we are a manufacturer and don't stock a huge warehouse, when you order from us there is the additional step of production, especially if it is a low stock item. Typically our production cycles are pretty swift but with a recent spike in demand we have started making some products unavailable on our website while we catch up on orders.

As we are working on scaling up production, we also are taking steps to more accurately show our inventory so that we can meet your expectations in a way that aligns with our current production cycles.

In order to make this happen you will see more items going in and out of stock on the website - but have no fear! Many of you have requested a 'back-in-stock' notification for products you want - and it is now here. How do you sign up for these notifications?

  1. Simply go to the product you want to be notified about
  2. Below 'SOLD OUT' you will see a green button that says: 'Notify Me When Back In Stock'
  3. Click on the 'Notify Me When Back In Stock' button to enter your email (you may have to wait 2-3 weeks to be notified).
  4. Once you get a notice that the product is back in stock don't wait to place your order.

Also, if you have an account with us you can use the Wishlist feature to save products you want to be notified about when they are back in stock.

We hope this helps you understand our processes better and lets you have peace of mind while you wait for gear to be available again.

As always, thank you for supporting quality, American, small-batch manufacturing.