Biomes: Morale Patch Series

Biomes: limited run morale patch series


The limited edition BIOMES Morale Patch series from Blue Ridge Overland Gear is a year long celebration of wilderness ecologies and represents some of the major ecosystems we find ourselves in as we embark on our overland journeys.

Each patch represents a major biome and a 'keystone species' of that ecology. A keystone species is any species within an ecosystem that is critical for it's health, balance, and vitality.

These patches are a reminder to seek adventure with wisdom and understanding of the natural world you find yourself in. Take time to learn about the biomes you are traveling through and embody it's wisdom. Go wild. Travel deep.

Biomes - morale patch series (limited run!)


Biome One: Forest Wolf

The first in the limited edition Biome morale patch series is the Forest Wolf - for all of you who love to run with the pack into the wild.

Wolf patch

Biome Two: Desert Owl

The second in the limited edition Biome morale patch series is the Desert Owl - for all you lovers of late nights, campfires, and the dramatic beauty of the southwestern deserts of the United States.

Owl patch

Biome Three: Prairie Fox

The Prairie Fox patch is the third release in the limited edition BIOMES morale patch series - for all you happy loners and fiery spirits who love to immerse yourself in the great outdoors to reclaim your peace. This is for all you lovers of vast open spaces and hidden campsites that few know about.

Fox Patch

Biome Four: Tundra Bear

The Tundra Bear patch is the fourth and final release in the limited edition BIOMES morale patch series. This one is for all you cold weather lovers who live by the Scandinavian maxim: "There’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes". You are warm-blooded, adventurous, and go running outdoors when other people hide indoors to get out of the elements.

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