Winnebago Revel for Overlanding? Full Walkaround

Mar 26, 2020

At the 2019 Rooftop Tent Rally, we caught up with our friend Lavan for a walk-around tour of his 2020 Winnebago Revel.

"I needed something that I could mountain bike and hike, have a dog in. Then shower and roll into work and still look respectable," Lavan said. For Lavan, the 2020 Revel just "checked all those boxes."

The Revel features several fold-down tables and surfaces for cooking, work, and rec time. It'll do gravel roads and four-wheel drive for Lavan's beach camping. It's other amenities include great AC, a bathroom, a dorm-sized fridge, an induction cooktop, standard-sized kitchen sink, and a cassette toilet with removable black tank. It has a standup shower, a generous cargo space, an additional outdoor shower, and enough room for Lavan's four-legged buddy, Lucy, to stretch out and nap! For his own sleep space, the bed is on a lift. With the press of a button, the bed comes down and instant nap possibilities open up! For miscellaneous storage, he's got plenty of BROG gear; including rollup dump pouches, a headrest pouch kit, and a slew of Velcro pouches. The cabinets in the Winnebago all have a carpeted interior; making them the perfect place for organizing and sticking multiple BROG Velcro Pouches.

"It's the perfect [vehicle for] when you want to be outside and do cool stuff, but you still have to work. [For when] you still want to live in some comfort." Lavan said.

BROG Gear in Lavan's Van: