WeBoost WiFi Hack for OffRoad Camping

Aug 11, 2022

Are you looking to stay connected to family and friends while on the trail? How about getting in some truly remote work to extend your time adventuring? In this video Matt talks about how he uses his weBoost cell signal booster to broadcast a wifi signal beyond his overlanding rig.

If you aren't familiar with weBoost it is a great solution for magnifying your cell range in remote areas that may normally put you in a cell service dead zone. This is especially important for overlanders and backcountry campers.

As Matt explains, weBoost cell signal boosters are great for keeping your smartphones connected to a reliable signal, but used in tandem with a mobile wifi hotspot you can turn your campsite into a remote office.

In Matt's setup he powers the weBoost antenna with a Goal Zero Yeti 'power station', from there he uses a Garmin PowerSwitch which connects to his Garmin Overlander and can control the weBoost for conserving energy when out on the trail. Last but not least, the mobile hotspot (which is magnified by the weBoost antenna) is stored in a velcro pouch on one of our Headrest Pouch Kits.

In the end, you can go off-road in the backcountry and still stay connected to the world wide web with this clever camping wifi hack.

But one note of warning: just make sure to turn off your devices and enjoy the sunsets - because, well, remote camping is all about unplugging afterall!

Featured in the video: