Velcro Radio Pouch: New Size!

May 11, 2023by Jason F

Communications in the backcountry are key, and it's best to keep your radios at hand. While many have a built-in radio, handheld radios are infinitely handy (pun fully intended) for a whole host of reasons.

You can toss your handheld radios from a variety of brands into the Blue Ridge Overland Gear Radio Pouch and mount them anywhere you happen to have some loop Velcro. We also have recently updated the Radio Pouch size so that it can fit more radio models for a more universal fit! Check out the pouch dimensions to see if it will work with your radio.

We're partial to keeping our radios in their pouches on the back of our Triple Run MOLLE Seatback Panels, but they're also great for storing radios inside of a Gadget Bag or even on one of our Velcro Pouch Mounting Panels if you're after a more DIY storage solution.

From there, you can hand them off to your kids and travel companions that are prone to wander from camp, or use them to keep a line of communication open between you and your spotter when the trail gets dicey.