New: More EDC Organizers

May 18, 2023by Jason F

Here at BROG, we're all about some DIY solutions. No one knows your storage and organization needs like you. That's why we try to make products that work in many different ways to keep your gear organized and at the ready.

With the release of our EDC Organizer Pouch and Bum Bag we started exploring how to seriously attic a really modular approach to every day carry. We released several Velcro-based organizer accessories in tandem: the Velcro Elastic Keeper: Two Tier and the Velcro Elastic Keeper: . Now we are giving you extra options for even more layers of organization: The Velcro backed EDC Panel and the EDC Pocket.

The EDC Panel is sized to fit in the EDC Organizer Pouch. It mounts to the interior loop Velcro material and features laser-cut MOLLE slots. We also include two feet of One Wrap material so you can easily make mounting loops for whatever you need to organize. You can orient the panel in either direction to further customize your carry.

Integrated into the back of the panel, you'll find a slip pocket that's an excellent spot for pocket notebooks, charge cords, or secret treasure maps. You can also utilize the EDC Velcro Pocket behind the EDC Velcro Panel to expand your organization options further.

Keeping your gear at hand is imperative. And plenty of essential items, like SD cards, bandaids, and hard drives, fall into that flat slim aesthetic that can be packed just about anywhere. Unfortunately, those are also the items that take the express route to the bottom of larger bags or pouches, and when you need them, you better get ready to dig. Or, even worse, dump out the whole bag.

The EDC Pocket is designed to keep those items secure and at the ready, and it mounts wherever you have some loop Velcro to spare. It fits particularly well in the BROG EDC Pouch and the Bum Bag. Plus, the front is covered in more Velcro loop material, so you can add an Elastic Keeper to the front of the EDC Velcro Pocket for further organization.