Search For Sasquatch '23: Zone One Patch Found!

Aug 3, 2023by Jason F
Search For Sasquatch '23 - nationwide patch hunt

In case you didn't hear, we launched a nationwide scavenger hunt of sorts: the Search For Sasquatch '23. As you read this, agents of the Secret Order [of the Sasquatch], a non-clandestine network of adventure seekers and wilderness lovers, are hiding Sasquatch* patches all over the continental U.S.A.

For this nationwide GPS scavenger hunt we have divided the country up into 8 cache Zones. One patch will be hidden for each Zone. When a cache goes live in each region coordinates will be released - but keep in mind, the cache Zones will not go live in sequential order - so you have to be watching for when your Zone goes live. Find the patch and you are the winner of that Zone. Each winner will get public recognition (unless you want to remain anonymous) and will receive a special edition of the Blue Ridge Overland Gear Bum Bag!

Zone One coordinates went live on 7/18/23 and the hidden Sasquatch patch was discovered by an avid runner from Lynchburg, Virginia, near the Blue Ridge Parkway. She has chosen to remain anonymous at this time.

Be watching the Blue Ridge Overland Gear Instagram account for the next cache Zone coordinates that will be going public very soon! The Search For Sasquatch '23 continues!!


*bigfoot, not the squirrel