Secret Order [of the Sasquatch]

Who Is the Secret Order?

The Secret Order [of the Sasquatch] is a network of adventure seekers, overlanders, wilderness lovers, and mystery solvers. While it's founding and origins is somewhat obscure, Secret Order members have been involved in numerous spheres, vocations, and pursuits, including: wilderness conservation, geographical exploration, cryptids research, cipher breaking (and making), modern-day treasure hunting, international finance, covert technologies, fringe archeology, forest management, wildlife biology, orienteering, and off-roading.

A chance encounter between two strangers out on the trails during the worldwide pandemic lead to the discovery of an abandoned S.O. outpost, the uncovering of it's unusual history, and the revival of it's storied membership. Today, S.O. (aka: s3cret 0rder) is a little less secretive, and while maintaining it's research and other activities, also hosts ongoing challenges, ciphers, scavenger hunts and meetups for members and prospective members alike.

The main S.O. outpost is currently located in the Blue Ridge Overland Gear production shop and offices near the Blue Ridge Mountain of Virginia.

Bigfoot news article on old black and white newspaper

Mystery solvers

Interested in a good challenge? Do you have the brains and stamina to crack a difficult cipher? Are you a lover of unsolved mysteries - especially when the trail leads you to unknown territory and wild places? You may have it what it takes to be a Secret Order member.

'Please take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints' sign in field with mountains in distance

Wilderness lovers

Love the Great Outdoors? Would you rather be in the woods or up on a mountain rather than sitting in front of a computer? Do you take preserving the wilderness seriously - leaving no trace, and doing what you can to keep wild things wild? You may have it what it takes to be a Secret Order member.

Search For Sasquatch Jeep driving off in search of the legendary Bigfoot

adventure seekers

Prefer the middle of nowhere? Do you feel most comfortable where normal cell signals can't reach? Are you constantly in your off-road vehicle with a kayak, fishing rod, mountain bike, or backpack in tow? Do you believe the fun begins where the pavement ends? You may have what it takes to be a Secret Order member.

Shadow of Sasquatch walking through woods giving the 'V' hand sign
A nationwide morale patch hunt

Search For Sasquatch

Zone One Launches 7/18