Secret Order of the Sasquatch

In the early 1800's sightings of the famed creatures known as Sasquatch (aka: Bigfoot, Yeti, etc) reached a fever pitch worldwide. Some of these encounters were covered up and hoax stories were developed to divert public attention. Supposedly these sightings were nothing more than tomfoolery. Over time, up until today, close encounters have always been publicly known in the media to be debunked... but the truth is much stranger than fiction.

It is said that there were die hard believers who knew Sasquatch was indeed not a hoax - their own encounters proved otherwise. Around 1819 as the sightings and encounters were widely thought to be hoaxes, those who believed went underground with the truth and formed a loose affiliation. These outdoorsmen, amateur researchers, cryptozoologists, explorers, and others, formed what was historically known as the 'Secret Order of the Sasquatch'.

Eventually hard evidence was finally obtained and turned over to a joint research coalition of U.S. and Canadian government scientists. All archived records have been redacted or lost but it is believed that genetic testing lead to chimera experimentation.
 The rest of the story is left to conjecture but unofficial eyewitness accounts have spoken of what appears to be squirrel / Sasquatch hybrids which became an endearing symbol of the secret order’s longstanding passion for the unconventional, wild, and mysterious.

Long retired (or so they say), the secret order’s namesake has been revived by yet another group of explorers and wilderness lovers who find inspiration in the elusive nature of the Sasquatch and their habitat of deep wilderness, where ever it may be. Their motto rings true for those who resonate with the timeless pursuit: “In naturam. nullum uestigium (Into the wild. Leave no trace.)”