Sasquatch Was Here: Season One Recap

Feb 24, 2022by Jason F
Sasquatch Was Here: Season One Recap

 Kid photo by: Tre Cash. Thanks Tre!

Last year we launched our first season of 'Sasquatch Was Here' - a patch challenge that spanned the entire USA. We asked you to take our adventurous friend Sasquatch the Squirrel with you on your overlanding trips and off-road expeditions - with the goal of visiting all fifty U.S. states.

While he only made it to 33 states he sure did travel far and wide - and even made it into Mexico! Thank you to all of you who participated in last year's SWH challenge. Check out all the challenge entries (aka: sighting of Sasquatch) on the 'Sasquatch Was Here! 2021 Challenge' page.

Now that the Season One SWH challenge is over, Sasquatch is plotting another round of adventures. This year's challenge could go in several different directions. Help Sasquatch the Squirrel decide by filling out his nutty survey below:



Fill out Sasquatch's Season Two Survey.