Potato Chip Holder | Snactical Month

Apr 8, 2021by Jason F

This post is a part of our Snactical Month series - with new content each week!

Don't drive hangry! Whether it's on the trail or the interstate, it's a fact that hunger contributes to bad driving decisions, road rage and especially rubber necking to see fast food signs. To combat these many evils, we have been hard at work re-imagining our classic medium Fire Extinguisher Pouch as the trip-saving Snactical Potato Chip Holder!

Why Potato Chips you may ask? Potato Chips have long been an essential staple of the American diet and these golden delights are enjoyed around the world.

Here in the USA we love flavors like barbecue, sour cream and onion, and jalapeno, among others. But in other parts of the world there are much different potato chip flavors in rotation - like prawn cocktail, haggis and black pepper, nori seaweed, cheese lobster, and cajun squirrel - say what?!!

But be careful on your global adventures because in some countries like the UK and Ireland 'chips' are what Americans call 'french fries' and potato chips are called 'crisps'. Why can't we all just get along?

Regardless of what you call them, you now have no excuse for driving hangry again. Those potato chips can be close at hand and ready to keep you focused on the road or trail ahead.


Want more snactical goodness? April is Snactical Month here at Blue Ridge Overland Gear. Watch for other great content in this series.

What is snactical? It's all about being prepared to fuel your love of the outdoors - because adventure makes you hungry!