Packing Cubes: Perfecting Your Gear Organizing Skills

Jan 20, 2023by Jason F

Packing Cubes: which one to choose for your gear organizing needs?

Looking for a way to keep your clothes in order for a long road trip? Are you creating a snacking survival kit for your next off-road adventure? Or maybe looking for a way to store jumper cables and other vehicle gear? Packing Cubes can help you perfect your gear organizing skills no matter what you need to keep in order. We're freaks about keeping everything organized for our overlanding and camping trips and have found Packing Cubes to be our go-to standard for ordering the chaos.

Better Quality Means Longer Use

Our Packing Cubes come in a variety of colors and are made of tactical grade materials for a lifetime of use and abuse - unlike many brands that basically offer disposable products that breakdown after a year or more. We believe in our craftsmanship so much that we offer a rugged lifetime guarantee on everything we make.

Our Packing Cubes and all our other storage solutions are made in the USA - manufactured by us, right here in our shop near the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia.

Which Packing Cube To Choose? A Comparison

Because we offer several different kinds of Packing Cubes, the question remains: which one is best for your overlanding and travel needs?


Medium Packing Cube - Triple Run

Medium Packing Cube (Triple Run)

Our Medium Packing Cube is designed to work in tandem with any of our Triple Run line of products - including our Seat Back Panels which feature our new daisy-chain attachment loops. It also turns our rugged TOTE Bag into a modular utility beast of burden!

This is our smallest Packing Cube, it does NOT feature a place to put a nametape, but is the most versatile, with the ability to expand alot of our gear bags.


Clear Packing Cube

Clear Packing Cube

Our Clear Packing Cube is our most slimline and sealed Packing Cube great for water resistance and keeping gear compact. This Packing Cube and our Mesh version come in our standard Cordura rainbow of colors that will match with our Utility or Velcro Pouches. Color coordinating makes it easy to keep your family organized or separating gear within a color system. Learn more about this approach on our blog post: Rig Organized: Color Code Your Gear


Mesh Packing Cube - made in the USA - lifetime guarantee

Mesh Packing Cube

Our Mesh Packing Cube is perfect for storing and organizing items that need airflow or that you don't need to keep out of the weather. Like our Clear Packing Cube, this features a strip of Velcro loop on the top for applying a hook ID Panel to label contents or to tag with a family member's name. This Packing Cube is deeper than our Clear Packing Cube so is a great option for packing clothes or a medium size kit of any overlanding or camping gear.



If you are new to our products, we don't just sell Packing Cubes, we manufacture them. We've been designing and making rugged gear organizers and storage solutions for overlanders and outdoor adventure lovers since 2012 right here in Virginia, USA. We use tactical quality materials so you buy once and use for a lifetime.

So, grab some Packing Cubes, get your gear in order, and go explore new horizons!