Rig Organized: Color Code Your Gear

Aug 20, 2021by Jason F

Rig organized: color code your camping and overlanding gear!


Fitting your camping and overlanding gear in your vehicle or off-road trailer is an exercise in spatial relations - like real life Tetris. You have alot of gear that you need to fit in a little space. The only solution is to be highly organized and to keep things as compact as possible. But when you pack everything in as efficiently as possible you may start forgetting where you stashed everything.

We are big on labeling gear bags with ID Panels to help quickly identify what is stored where. That's why we build alot of our soft storage with hook and loop panels for easy identification.

But beyond labeling, an even quicker way to quickly identify everything in your overlanding rig is to use color coding.

Color coding is the practice of storing gear in bags, and pouches of the same color. This works really well for personal items or types of gear when you are traveling as a couple or as a family.

For example: say you have five people in your family. Each person could be assigned a color and then their clothing and other personal items (ex: flashlight, hygiene items, electronics, snacks, and more) would be stored in bags and pouches using only that color.

So how can you make this magic happen? We offer a variety of soft storage that uses the same rugged Cordura colors. In fact, we have five major colors to work with: blue, red, coyote, grey, and black. Here are the bags and pouches you can use to build your own color code system:


Our Mesh Packing Cubes (12 x 12 x 4") are the perfect solution for storing and even hanging things like odds and ends, boots, clothes, and other camping or overlanding gear. They offer a unique way to store, identify, and keep your stuff organized in your rig or off-road trailer. The front of our Mesh Packing Cubes features durable mesh to allow for breathability. They also have a hook and loop Velcro strip on the top for labeling with an ID Panel for easy identification.

Mesh Packing Cubes - in 5 colors



Like our Mesh Packing Cubes, our Clear Packing Cubes (12 x 12 x 2.5") are a versatile option to carry all kinds of camping gear and personal items for your next off-road adventure. The Clear Packing Cubes are not as deep as our Mesh Packing Cubes but this allows for a more compact fit for tighter spaces. They also feature webbing on the back (like our Mesh Packing Cubes) that you can use to hang it with a couple of GrimLocs. They also include a top strip of hook and loop Velcro for an ID Panel.

Want everyone's name on their Packing Cubes? Check out our Custom ID Panels.

Clear Packing Cubes - in 5 colors

VELCRO POUCH - LARGE (12 x 4 x 2")

Like most of our other soft storage products, our large Velcro Pouches (12 x 4 x 2 ") are made of rugged 500D Cordura material that can handle heavy use and abuse. They are backed with hook and loop (Velcro) that allows them to be used with our Pouch Mounting Panels and attached to unused space in your rig or off-road trailer (ex: sidewalls, inner paneling, etc.). These fit most anywhere you need them too and are great for small items like cords, electronics, personal hygiene products, snacks, headlamps, and much more.

Velcro Pouch - large - in 5 colors


Our large Velcro Pouches (12 x 4 x 2 ") that we mentioned above are perfectly paired with our Pouch Mounting Panels. These Mounting Panels come in various sizes that allow you to use one, two, or three Velcro Pouches. You can literally line your inner panels with pouches!

Pouch Mounting Panels - that work with our Velcro Pouches (Large) in 5 colors

UTILITY POUCH - LARGE (12 x 4 x 2")

If you don't know by now, all of the products we make come with a rugged lifetime guarantee and are American made right here in our Bedford, Virginia production shop. That includes our large Utility Pouches (12 x 4 x 2"). These pouches are just like our large Velcro Pouches but without the Velcro on the back, and they have an added loop that allows for you to hang these conveniently where you need them - or just to grab them and go.

The Utility Pouches also work great in overland vehicle drawer systems, bins, and other enclosed storage. The string-reinforced, clear vinyl fronts allow you to glance at the contents while being rugged enough to handle wear-and-tear for a long time to come.


Utility Pouches - Large - in 5 colors
Now that you see the possibilities for color coding your overlanding and camping gear what are you waiting for? Pack more, be more organized, keep everyone's gear clearly defined and go have your best trip yet!