Overland Comms: Your Questions Answered

Aug 13, 2020by Dean Shirley

You had a lot of questions, so we dug up some answers for you! We cover some frequently asked questions regarding overland radio communications ranging from buying used radios, hands-free use, and getting started with HAM.

Check out the timestamps below for each of the questions if you want to jump around, or stick around for the whole video, whichever works; we're not your boss.

0:28 Are old radios worth buying?

1:25 Where can I get my antenna tuned?

02:47 What is the cheapest cell booster?

03:23 Bought a GMRS license, my friends use CB.

04:42 Why do you need a license to operate HAM?

06:03 What HAM frequency are GMRS Channels on?

07:18 How do I start HAM on the cheap?

09:32 Which radio has the best hands-free option?

10:19 What is the best handheld way to talk around a mountain?

11:20 What are the emergency channels?

13:21 What is the grey radio bag?

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