Noso x BROG = Easy Outdoor Gear Repair!

Jul 21, 2022

Noso gear repair patches - in collaboration with Blue Ridge Overland Gear

Your family loves the outdoors. You love overlanding, camping, mountain biking, fishing, hiking, climbing...the works. And with an active outdoor lifestyle you've made a significant investment in all your family's gear. At some point in your adventures one of you is bound to poke a hole or rip your favorite down jacket, sleeping bag, tent, etc...especially if you have sharp clawed family members ;). If only you could easily repair your gear!

Have no fear. Noso is a company that has already solved the problem of quick gear repair. Their innovative peel-n-stick, but tough and permanent, repair patches recently caught our eye. So we collaborated with Noso to bring you our own BROG brand gear repair patches (made in the USA too). Now you can prolong the life of your non-BROG outdoor equipment!

Keep them on hand, and ready for your next repair.


PLEASE NOTE: these repair patches are designed for your lightweight nylon and other soft goods. We make Blue Ridge Overland Gear products with tactical grade Cordura and other rugged materials. We offer a lifetime guarantee on everything we make. If your pet tiger is able to puncture our products, contact us to file a warranty claim.