New: Tactical Tote Bag

Dec 1, 2022by Jason F

We've shied away from building a typical tote bag for many years, but we have begun to dabble in designing bigger hand-carry bags and gear organizers more recently - like our Cube Caddy or Mule Bag. Today, the wait for a BROG style tote bag is over and we're coming out swinging with something atypical. This is a top tier rugged bag that will eat your typical tote bag for lunch.

We're pleased to announce the release of the BROG Tote Bag - or what some of us like to call the T.O.T.E. bag ("Tactically Organize, Transport Everything"). This is an unbreakable bag that could K.O. any other typical tote. Infused with the Triple Run feature set and built to be customized, you can expand this bad boy with our medium Packing Cubes. Hang two on the outside or organize the inside with four.

The real magic to our T.O.T.E? It's not just a big black hole. It's built beyond tough, and more customizable than any other tote on the market. In fact, you can not only retire your old, tired tote bags, our BROG Tote Bag just might be the ticket to turning in your hard-shell gear organizing boxes that take up too much room in your off-road vehicle.

Use it for overlanding, outdoor adventures, weekend road trips, van life, family travel, range gear, hunting equipment, and more. This is your do-it-all super utility tote.

Our new tactical grade tote bag comes as a standalone bag or in a bundle. Order now - the current colors may not stay in our long-term production cycles. As always this bag is made in Virginia, USA and comes with our 'Blue Ridge Built' rugged lifetime guarantee!