New: Jeep Gladiator Attic

Nov 23, 2022by Jason F

Our vehicle attics get alot of attention online. Two questions usually get asked: "Will that attic fit my vehicle?" and / or "When will you make an attic for my... [insert make and model of vehicle here]?".

The nature of vehicle attics is that we have to build them for specific makes and models - and sometimes even specific years. Some vehicles weren't manufactured with mounting points that we can retrofit and some vehicles aren't enough in demand to build specific vehicle organizers for.

Because of these factors we are very selective about which vehicles we will design an attic for. But occasionally everything aligns and a new attic is born. Today we are pleased to announce the release of our newest product in our vehicle attics line-up: the Jeep Gladiator Attic.

Like our other vehicle attics, this is designed to take charge of wasted space, and keep lightweight gear off the floor of your rig - like rain gear, blankets, sleeping bags, jackets, pillows, hats and more. If you have a Jeep Gladiator don't miss this useful gear organizer!