New! Subaru Outback Attic

Dec 5, 2019by Jason F

There's a truth that is universally acknowledged. If you're overlanding or roadtripping with kids (even the four-legged kind) your Subaru probably has a lot of stuff in it. Pillows on the floor. Sleeping bags. Jackets. Coloring books. Stuffed animals. Blankets. More stuffed animals. Passengers in the backseat seem to always have an obstacle course to traverse — just getting in or out of the car! 

We've come up with a way to incorporate some of your Subaru's underutilized space (hint, hint — we're talking about your ceiling!) Our Subaru Attic is like a new frontier for stuff storage. It'll help you free up some legroom for backseat passengers. Who knows? Maybe with some of that backseat chaos organized, you'll have less fights to referee — about who stole which stuffed animal, and who has the wrong person's pillow! (We like to dream big here).

Want to know if this vehicle attic will fit your Subaru Outback or Forester? Visit the Subaru Attic product page.