New: Prairie Fox Patch (Biome Series)

Sep 2, 2021by Jason F
Biome Series: Fox Patch (limited edition)


The Prairie Fox patch is now live! This is the third release in our limited edition BIOMES morale patch series. This series is a year long celebration of wilderness ecologies and represents some of the major ecosystems we find ourselves in as we embark on our overland journeys.

This fox patch is for all you happy loners and fiery spirits who love to immerse yourself in the great outdoors to reclaim your peace. This is for all you lovers of vast open spaces and hidden campsites that few know about.

Like owls, foxes have become symbols of wisdom or wit. They know their terrain inside and out and travel with stealth. They also embody quick and strategic thinking when out on the trail. Being immersed in nature demands a certain amount of sharp cunning like the fox - at times having to 'outfox' challenges that arise.

Be one of the first to catch this fox! When you do, snap a quick pic and tag us on Instagram.