New Limited Run: Partner Steel Stove Bags

Jul 13, 2023

Because we are a small manufacturer with limited capacity, we retire products at times. Some of the most requested retired bags we've made are the Partner Steel Stove bags. We regularly hear from customers who ask if we are bringing them back any time soon. For all of you who have been asking or wondering - today is your day!

We are now taking pre-orders until 7/20/23 (one week only) for a limited run of our family of three Partner Steel Stove Bags:

  • 22" Partner Steel Stove Bag
  • 18" Partner Steel Stove Bag
  • Single Burner Partner Steel Stove Bag

Partner Steel makes high quality camp stoves and it's important to protect your investment for the long haul. Our padded mil-spec stove bags have also been redesigned to allow even more modular expansion with our Medium Packing Cubes. Now you can keep all your camp cooking gear organized the way you've always wanted.

Don't miss this limited run! These bags will not be brought back into our regular production cycle.