New: Desert Owl Patch (Biomes Series)

Jun 24, 2021by Jason F

Owl patch (Desert Owl is the second in the Biomes morale patch series)

Hey all you overlanders! The owl has landed! Desert Owl is the second release in our year long, limited edition Biomes morale patch series and it is now available.

This owl patch is for all you lovers of late nights under the stars, campfires with friends, and the dramatic beauty of majestic desert ecologies. Whether you know it or not, owls have probably silently looked on as you've gone exploring on your camping and overland adventures.

Owls have long been symbols of wisdom and mystery. There is not much that escapes these watchful hunters' eyes and ears. The ancients saw owls as guardians and keepers of lonely, desolate places. Both feared and held in honor, the owl has long been seen in mythology and folklore as a messenger of things to come.

These mostly nocturnal birds are stealthy and tend to be out of sight during the day but their presence is no less important. Up to thirteen species of owls have been known to make their home in the desert and arid regions of the U.S. - including the Great Horned Owl. And these larger owls play an important role as keystone species, helping keep the overall balance of the ecosystems they live in.

What's not to love about owls? Get your Biome Two: Desert Owl patch today and don't forget Biome One: Forest Wolf if you haven't collected that patch yet. Remember, these are limited edition morale patches - only 500 of each will be in circulation. Get yours while you can.