New: Camp Cooking Utensils

Mar 10, 2021by Jason F

Our Cooking Kit Bag has finally met it's perfect match. These two seriously go together. Like initials and hearts on a notebook. Like peanut butter and jelly. If they were any more compatible, we'd have to include a complimentary mixtape of slow-jams with every order!

This 4-piece Camp Cooking Utensils pack includes tongs, a silicone spatula, spoon and slotted spatula. It's everything you need for cooking great meals on the go! The best part is, the size of these tools are just right for our Cooking Kit Bag. These utensils are easy to clean, will not scratch your cookware, and will not melt, warp, or chip like your old plastic or wooden utensils.

Go from 'overlander' to 'trail chef extraordinaire' with this must-have utensil set. Don't miss out on this match made in trail-cooking heaven!