BROG Nation: My Overland Tool Kit | Independence Overland

Mar 9, 2021by Jason F

The fine folks at Independence Overland recently featured our Tool Pouch Roll in their overland tool kit video. From the video description:

"This is my overland tool kit. I can fix just about anything that will need fixing with this setup. Check out what a good portable tool kit is, from the perspective of someone who has spent years fixing vehicles on the side of the road professionally. Below are some low cost tools to build your collection. Steer clear of the 300 piece sets for $20.00, you have been warned!"

A big thanks to Independence Overland for using our Tool Roll for their overland tool kit. Check out more of their great videos: here.

Want to see our take on what the best tools are to carry in your overland tool kit? See: this video.