Introducing VIP Rewards from Blue Ridge Overland Gear

Jun 26, 2024by Jason F
VIP Rewards from Blue Ridge Overland Gear


We love our customers. That's why when we launched the new Blue Ridge Overland Gear website several years back, we implemented our loyalty Rewards program that would allow our customers to earn Rewards (aka: discounts) even when they are spending their hard earned cash with us. We love making solutions to organize outdoor, EDC, and overlanding gear. Our customers love high quality, American made products - plus saving money. It's a win-win situation!

Well, now we are bringing our loyalty Rewards program up to a whole new level. Introducing our VIP Rewards Tiers. With VIP Rewards you can earn bigger savings faster than ever before - you can even double your earnings! Multiply your Reward Points on every order, giving you a fast track to earning bigger discounts at a higher rate of speed!

So how do you become a Blue Ridge Overland Gear VIP? Right as this blog post goes live the VIP Rewards Tiers are proliferating through our system.

    If you have spent over $300 with us this year you will be notified soon of your new Bronze VIP status (1.5x Rewards Points multiplier)

    If you have spent $500 with us this year you have reached Silver VIP status (2x Rewards Points multiplier).

    For those of you who have go all in and spent $900 with us this year, you have earned Gold VIP status (2x Rewards Points multiplier + extra $25 Off).

Learn more today about our VIP Rewards program, details of how it works, how long your status lasts, and everything you need to know to start earning big savings, faster!