Air Tools Bag is Back For A Limited Run!

Jun 20, 2024by Jason F


Our Air Tools Bag is back for a limited run! This is the perfect way to keep all your off-road tire pressure and tire repair gear in one place, organized, and easy to deploy. If you are into overlanding and off-roading this is a must have. Out on the trail you'll eventually find yourself needing to adjust your tire pressure or repair a tire. Keeping everything you need to inflate, deflate, or plug a leak, organized will keep you moving.

The Air Tools Bag is designed to carry your tire repair kit, plus two removable zippered pouches are great for other must have gear like gloves, gauges, and more. The dimensions of the bag are designed around the ARB Rapid Air Down Kit, and Tire Repair Kit. Use ARB's tools or build your own kit.

The interior is lined with loop Velcro so that you can customize the bag to meet your organizational needs. The Air Tools Packing Cube is an extra option that can attach to the Air Tools Bag and is sized to hold air hoses of a variety of sizes - including multi-hose systems. The whole kit lays flat and if you don't need the Packing Cube it unclips in seconds.

Like all of our gear, the Air Tools Bag and the Air Tools Packing Cube are made right here in Virginia using milspec materials and are backed by our lifetime warranty.