Introducing the Secret Order [of the Sasquatch]

Jul 17, 2023by Jason F
Secret Order [of the Sasquatch]


As many of you know, we have a shop mascot here at Blue Ridge Overland Gear. He is a squirrel named Sasquatch. You may have heard that his name is a reference to his unusual upbringing. As an orphaned baby squirrel he was adopted and raised by a family of Bigfoot. Although, initially given the name Junior, as he grew, the other animals begin calling him Sasquatch! The name stuck and the rest is history.

When overlanding and traversing the local off-road trails, Sasquatch the squirrel often will tag along with us here at the shop. During the global pandemic we were doing some off-roading and Sasquatch got overly excited as we were going up an old logging road near a defunct military base. We let him out and followed him through the woods to a small overgrown building that was almost invisible as it was surrounded by vines, weeds, briars, and other vegetation.

We heard some rustling and almost had a heart attack. I screamed and a friendly face popped out from behind the building. It turned out to be a fellow overlander with a strange story to tell.

He frequented online forums related to cryptids research (aka: seekers of Bigfoot and other urban legends) and recently stumbled onto a thread about a secretive network that had amassed a huge amount of cryptids research since the late 1920's. Now defunct, it was said that they had kept outposts all over the United States - and even the world. He wouldn't explain any further, but said he had acquired the coordinates that lead him to that very spot on which we stood.

Our new friend lead the way, and we hacked down some vines to reveal an old, thick, metal door. With some effort we picked the lock and and entered the small, dark space. It looked like a forgotten storage shed for rangers - with an assortment of trail maintenance tools, old radio equipment covered in cobwebs, and what looked like a military filing cabinet. I looked closer and one of the drawers was slightly open. I grabbed the handle and pulled the drawer open. Inside was a single manila folder that said: "Property of the Secret Order: Mission SFS78".

I was intrigued! And our friend confirmed - this was indeed an outpost for what he called: 'The Secret Order [of the Sasquatch]'. My mind was reeling. Was this really real? I looked down at Sasquatch the Squirrel and he gave me a wink and a thumbs up. Many people don't believe me when I say I talk to a squirrel - so I decided to suspend my sense of reason and find out more.

I looked up and our new friend was smiling. "Tell me everything you know about the Secret Order," I said.

Find out what was in the manila envelope: