Garmin Overlander: $200 Rebate Until 5/29/21

May 4, 2021by Jason F

The Garmin Overlander is a solid first choice for anyone looking for all-terrain GPS navigation. There are alot of reasons we recommend the Garmin Overlander to our customers, including:

  • It is a standalone device (no fumbling with your phone),
  • It comes as a complete kit (mount, charging cable, and power cord included).
  • It is part of the Garmin ecosystem (ex: syncs with InReach Mini for satellite texting, SOS, etc).
  • It is the perfect size (big enough for easy viewing but won't block windshield).

Until 5/29/21 you can buy the Garmin Overlander and save $200 (by mail-in rebate). Not only can you save $200 but you can also get a $25 Member Reward for future purchases, if you are a Blue Ridge Overland Gear member. Don't miss this opportunity!