Garmin Instinct GPS+ Watch: Now On Sale

Dec 13, 2019
Garmin Instinct - rugged GPS+ watch

We're not into flashy tech that adds no real value to your life. But the right tech that keeps you connected and helps you overcome your daily, or travel, challenges - now that's worth looking into.

The Garmin Instinct rugged GPS+ smartwatch is purpose built for an active life. This is not a piece of technology to keep in the drawer for fear of breaking it. It is built with military standard toughness, allows for smart GPS navigation, and is perfect for sports training or exercise routines. It can be synced with your smartphone for messaging and notifications, and most importantly, it doesn't have to be charged all the time - the Instinct can last up to 14 days between charges.

Get your hands on the Garmin Instinct GPS+ smartwatch - now on sale, save $100 until January 4.