Five Reasons Why A Vehicle Attic Will Improve Your Outdoor Adventures

Jun 21, 2023by Jason F
Five reasons why a vehicle attic will improve your outdoor adventures


If you love going on outdoor adventures in the wild like we do, it is easy to be overwhelmed with all the gear you have to take with you. Not only do you need basic equipment for your vehicle (tools, recovery gear, etc), but you also need all the basics for whatever outdoor sports you love. Day trips are great for kayaking, mountain biking, fishing, hiking, rock climbing, and more. Taking it to the next level with a weekend trip of camping and off-roading means you have to carry even more gear.

Once you have a vehicle full of outdoor gear - space and organization become essential. Maximizing your vehicle space means not only keeping everything compact but you have to order everything so it is easy to find.

Besides Seat Back Panels, Packing Cubes, and other organizers, we also love Vehicle Attics. Here are five reasons why we think Vehicle Attics can be a game changer in keeping your outdoor gear organized and accessible when taking day trips or even longer camping and off-road or overlanding trips:

1.) Using Wasted Space

The trick to maximizing vehicle space when packing in your outdoor gear is to use every square inch. That means finding ways to use space that is often ignored. Using head space in the passenger area is one solution. While some passengers may be too tall to take away their head room, often there is ample area for a Vehicle Attic to be installed - especially when you are traveling as a family with kids.

2.) Keeping Gear Off The Floor

What kind of outdoor gear can be used in a Vehicle Attic? Only the light stuff:  like rain jackets, coats, hats, sleeping bags, blankets, hammocks, and similar items. Keeping those lighter items up and out of the way means you can get them off the floor of the vehicle where it might be easy for them to get dirty, or even fall out when making stops.

3.) Quick and Easy Access

You may be able to cram all your camping, and outdoor gear in your vehicle but when it really counts, can you quickly access what you need? A Vehicle Attic is a game-changer in this regard. This is especially true when needing to grab rain gear or a coat quickly. Sometimes those split seconds make all the difference between getting soaked and staying dry. No more digging through your whole vehicle to pull out the gear you need.

Vehicle Attics are a great place to store coats, jackets, and rain gear.

4.) Drying Out Wet Gear

Once a storm or other intense weather passes, you may want to take off your rain gear or coat in the vehicle - but you don't want to pack it away just yet because it's all wet. Vehicle Attics are a great way to store wet gear out of the way while still allowing them to dry. Just shake off the rain gear and place them in the Vehicle Attic. Problem solved.

5.) Less Clutter

To sum up why we think Vehicle Attics are a great way to organize your gear in your vehicle - it all boils down to this: less clutter! It is easy when taking road trips and going on outdoor adventures to get your vehicle messy quickly. Vehicle Attics are a great solution for knowing where your lightweight gear is, keeping it up and out of the way, but still having it accessible. Less clutter means less chaos - and less chaos means you're on your way to better, more enjoyable outdoor adventures!

Vehicle Attic close up