New: Black Tool Pouch Roll

Jun 15, 2023
New: Black Tool Pouch Roll by Blue Ridge Overland Gear


Often copied but never duplicated, the Blue Ridge Overland Gear Tool Pouch Roll is the perfect way to organize your vehicle repair tools for overland trips or on-the-go. We've seen knock-offs of our Tool Pouch Roll around the internet but they are always made of cheaper materials, and, shall we say, lesser functionality.

Our Tool Pouch Roll is made in the USA of tactical quality 500D nylon Cordura, and other heavy duty components. Why do we use the best materials we can get our hands on? Because we build our gear to last a flippin' lifetime - and we have a lifetime warranty to prove it. Other companies sell bags that have to be thrown out in a couple years.

We've also designed our Tool Pouch Roll with our modular design principles. Every internal pouch has clear, string-reinforced vinyl to easily identify your tools - and each pouch is equipped with strong Velcro for quick removal to grab-and-go for specific repairs.

Superior materials + quality durable construction means our Tool Pouch Roll can easily out-perform and out-pace those look-alikes for years to come. And the best part is - it now comes in black!