Fathers Day Gift Guide

Jun 3, 2021by Jason F
Father's Day Gift Guide for adventurous Dad's who like overlanding and camping


Father's Day is almost here and you still haven't decided on that perfect gift. There are so many cliche gifts to choose from: bad ties, monogrammed beer steins, corny t-shirts, cheap tools, awkward coffee mugs...the list goes on.

But what about the Dad who loves overlanding, and all things outdoors? What gifts would befit that adventurous Dad who starts drooling the moment you start talking about going off-road and camping in the wild? May we suggest giving the gift of organized gear and better overland travel?

We have done the hard work for you and have compiled a list of some of our best current gift suggestions for the overlanding and adventurous Dad in your life.

1. Fire Extinguisher Pouches

MOLLE Fire Extinguisher Pouches
Everyone loves a good campfire. But sometimes a flaming marshmallow goes airborne and lands on one of the tents. As everyone goes running around in a panic, your Dad man* can calmly walk over to the Fire Extinguisher pouch, grab that extinguisher and quickly save the day. The alternative scene would be everyone running around in a panic and Dad rummaging through the vehicle while the tent burns to a crisp. Also, sometimes your overlanding vehicle catches on fire and you need  act quick because, well...fire! Help your Dad be the hero with our MOLLE Fire Extinguisher pouches.

2. Packing Cubes

Best Packing Cubes made in the USA
It's hard being a Dad. Everyone thinks your stuff is their stuff. Tools, flashlights, lighters, sandals, beanies, beef jerky... nothing is sacred. But with our Packing Cubes not only can your man have his own gear labeled with ID Panels but the whole family can color code whose camping gear is whose. Now he can keep the vehicle and camp super organized, know where everything is, and even hoard the beef jerky. Pro tip: use zip ties or a lock on your Packing Cubes if you have persistently sneaky family members.

3. Utility Pouches

Utility pouches for overland travel and camping - made in the USA

You can go on Amazon and purchase the cheapest junk pouches that are guaranteed to fall apart at the worst moment - or you can snag some of our Utility Pouches which are guaranteed to be rugged for a lifetime and come in a variety of sizes. Your Dad man buys stuff - electronics, coffee making gear, things with all kinds of wires, things with batteries, things that come with super cheap bags that, as mentioned above, will disintegrate fairly quickly. Help your Dad be master of his domain with a place for everything and everything in it's place. No more red faces and indiscernible cursing.

4. Maps

Rugged off-road maps!

Your Dad man faithfully plugs away at his day job. But secretly he is dreaming of jumping out the window with a hang glider and flying like a bird over the city - or winning the lottery so that he can travel the world. He's not going to burn his work clothes just yet but he needs adventure to stay alive on the inside. Feed that fire by suggesting your next trip. Get him some maps of the top rated off-road destinations in the USA. And these aren't normal maps that easily rip and tear. Your dog would even have a hard time eating these. Waterproof, durable, faithful, strong - just like Dad.

5. Camp Cooking Utensils Set

Silicone camp Cooking Utensils

It's no secret that Dads' love bacon (some of the vegan Dads even enjoy fake bacon). And bacon is especially important when camping (it's some kind of unspoken rule). The reality is Dad's are very particular about the food they like. They know what they want and they need it even out on the trail. Stop settling for subpar camp cookware that melts, chips, and scratches up your pans. Better cookware means better, less frustrating meals. If your Dad man loves to cook out in the wild our Camp Cooking Utensils Set is the perfect upgrade for any serious camp chef. These silicone utensils won't melt or stick in the heat and are easy to clean up. Here's looking at you Dad!

6. Overland Oil Bag

Overland Oil Bag - made in the USA

Your Dad's vehicle is like his kingdom. It is his prize possession. To desecrate his rig is to awaken a monster. Don't think of this response as anger. It's more akin to jealousy. Help him protect his baby by keeping vehicle fluids in their place with our Overland Oil Bag. Not only does containing vehicle fluids keep them from spilling in Dad's adventure-mobile - but it contains the monster deep inside Dad that no one wants to ever see.


Your Dad or husband deserves the best. We make the best soft storage and rugged organizers for your man's outdoor and overlanding gear. We're not some faceless online marketplace full of sketchy sellers with fake reviews. We are real people making real rugged products here by the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, USA.

We want you to win the gift game this Father's Day. Don't just settle for another corny shirt and don't let the kids make handmade coupons for cleaning the garage - okay, maybe he'll like that too. Make his life easier so you can enjoy your travels together more.

And if you are a Dad - make sure to subtly forward this article to your wife and kids - because another multi-tool just won't cut it.



*We recognize that you can have several Dad's in your life, including: your Dad or Step-Dad, your husband who is also a Dad, and other Dad's in your life. Hence the phrase: 'Dad man'.