Steiner Binos: Bonus Points (Ends 10/21)

Oct 7, 2020by Jason F
Bonus Points On Steiner Products (10/21)


Why We Recommend Steiner //

Steiner is a world leader in premium quality optics. Their binoculars are highly recommended around here at the BROG shop. While we believe strongly in American-first manufacturing (after all, we ourselves are a small USA based manufacturer), we have found that the enduring quality of Steiner's German engineering and manufacturing is second to none.

Steiner is one of the most respected optics makers in the world, and has been serving law enforcement, military, hunters, and outdoor enthusiasts since 1947. Their name is synonymous with high performance, innovative, and durable binoculars and other optics.

Buy Steiner: Earn Free Gear On Future Orders //

As we enter Autumn, now is a great time to pick up a set of any Steiner binoculars on our website (limited stock!!) - and from now until October 21 get 200 extra bonus points* after purchase - plus you get the regular amount of points equal to each product. That all adds up to real discounts you can earn and redeem for free gear, on other future orders.

For instance: buy Steiner 10x24 Safari compact binoculars and earn 309 points. Add in your bonus 200 points and suddenly you've earned yourself $25 off (500 points) for use on a future order.

Another example: buy Steiner 10x26 Safari compact binoculars and earn 154 points. Add in your bonus 200 points and suddenly you've earned yourself $10 off for use on a future order (plus some other points for future earning).

So what does this all mean? It means - buy any Steiner binoculars (until 10/21) and earn free gear (ex: $10 or $25 off) on any future order*. Don't wait! We have limited stock of Steiner products!

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How To Choose Which Binoculars Will Work For You //

You also may be wondering: "How do I decide which binoculars will fit my needs?" Great question! Check out the video below as Matt lays out how to choose:


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